WWE Breaking Point PPV Results – September 13, 2009

WWE Breaking Point Results - September 13, 2009WWE Breaking Point Results — PAGE SIX

September 13, 2009

Report By: Matt Boone for WrestleZone.com

World Title:

-CM Punk (c) vs. The Undertaker

Very long entrances, especially Undertaker’s. Bell sounds and Punk immediately rolls out to the floor. Punk back in now bullies ‘Taker into the corner. Lots of kicks and punches as the crowd boo’s. Taker grabs Punk and just throws him over the top rope. He’s out after him but Punk quickly rolls in the ring and catches Taker coming in. Taker clotheslines Punk down. Big punch from The Dead Man. Taker stomping away at Punk. Taker again just tosses Punk out to the floor. Again he goes out after him. Punk catches him with a body kick. Taker quickly fires back with a right hand that drops Punk. "Under-Taker" chant from the crowd. Punk fighting back now. He tries slamming Taker’s head into the ring post but Taker blocks it and knocks Punk down. Taker whips Punk into the barricade. Taker comes in but misses and crotches the barricade. Punk with a running knee to Taker’s face. Punk putting the boots to Dead Man Inc. now. Punk grabs a steel chair. He hits Taker in the stomach with it and then over the head for good measure. Back in the ring now, Punk hits another running knee to Taker’s face. He tries a bulldog but Taker shoves him into the corner. Taker with some arm drags now as the crowd is yelling for "Old School" even though Taker isn’t doing it. Taker finally makes his way to the corner for "Old School" but Punk yanks him down and he straddles the top rope. Both guys are on the top now but Taker fights him off and Punk crashes to the mat. Punk back up quick with a kick to Taker’s head. Punk climbs back up and they’re both on the top rope again. Punk hits a big suplerplex on Taker. Both guys are back up and Punk is throwing a bunch of kicks. Taker starts firing back with punches. "Boo" and "yaay" chants from the crowd as each guy lands their shots. Taker gets the better of it and whips Punk into the corner, following him in with a big clothesline. Taker with a big boot to Punk’s face followed by a leg drop. That series of moves seems familiar for some reason. Taker waiting for Punk to get up, signaling for the chokeslam. He slaps it on but Punk hits Taker with a standing roundhouse kick to the head. Both guys are down. Punk is crawling over for a pin attempt but Taker slaps on the Hell’s Gate triangle choke. Punk quickly taps. That was an amazingly uneventful finish. Maybe because this show seemed to be running long? Definitely terrible booking if that was the actual planned finish.

Winner and NEW World champion: The Undertaker

After The Match: Match Re-Started!

As Undertaker is celebrating, Teddy Long comes out and says he regrets to inform us that Taker’s Hell’s Gate submission hold was banned on SmackDown! a long time ago by Vickie Guerrero. He says unfortunately that rule still stands so this match must continue. The bell sounds and Punk immediately jumps on Taker. Taker picks Punk up for the Last Ride but Punk chopblocks Taker down. Punk sets up the Anaconda Vice and the bell sounds in like half a second. The ref runs and Punk runs. Taker looks in disbelief. Oh god, again with the omage’ to Survivor Series ’97? Seriously guys? Replays show Taker didn’t tap, blah blah. Good lord lol.

Winner and STILL World champion: CM Punk