WWE Breaking Point PPV Results – September 13, 2009

WWE Breaking Point Results - September 13, 2009WWE Breaking Point Results — PAGE THREE

September 13, 2009

Report By: Matt Boone for WrestleZone.com

Josh Matthews Interviews Randy Orton

Backstage we see Randy Orton sitting in his dressing room. Josh Matthews walks up and asks for his reaction to Legacy’s win over D-X. Orton ignores him. Matthews asks him again. Orton tells Matthews to have a seat. Matthews pulls up a chair. He asks his question again. Orton says he has no reaction, he knew that Legacy would win. Matthews asks him another question and Orton calmly tells him he only asked if he could ask one question. He says he said one thing and did another. He talks about how Cena says he’s incapable of saying the words "I Quit." Orton wonders to himself how Cena can be so sure that he can’t say those words. He says just like you, Cena says one thing but tonight he’s going to make him say something else. He’s going to force him to say "I Quit."

Singapore Cane Match:

-Kane vs. The Great Khali

Kane grabs one of the canes in the corner immediately. Khali cuts him off and hits him with some big boots followed by a huge chop to the chest. Each guy has a cane now. They both swing a few times but their sticks hit each others. Now they’re doing some old-school sword battle dueling shit. Pretty pathetic. Khali knocks Kane’s cane away and blasts him over the head. Kane rolls out to the floor. Khali comes after him but Kane dropkicks him in the legs, putting the big man down. He picks up his cane and beats Khali with it, before throwing him back in the ring. Kane continues his beatdown with the cane inside the ring now. Khali grabs Kane by the throat but Kane beats him off with his cane. How many times am I going to have to say Kane and cane in the same sentence? We’ll see! Kane with a pin attempt but Khali gets his shoulder up. Kane grabs another cane and is using it for some kind of armbar move. "Boring" chant breaks out from the Montreal crowd. It’s actually nowhere near as bad as you’d think….yet at least. Khali takes the cane out of Kane’s hand and is swinging away now. Some close-up shots from the cameraman as we see the welts on each man’s back and body. Khali with his big overhand chop on the skull of Kane (is that really a featured move of his?!) and tries a pin but only gets two. "Boring" chants getting louder now. Khali locks in his vice-grip but Kane picks up a cane and swings it over his head on Khali to break the hold. Kane grabs his cane and climbs to the top rope. Kane comes down hard with a cane shot to Khali. He tries a pin but only gets two. Khali’s brother Singh comes in and hits Kane with the cane. Kane no-sells it and shoves him down by the throat. Kane turns around and Khali hits another chop. Khali goes to check on Singh. Kane comes from behind Khali and hits him with a cane shot before dropping him throat-first over the top rope. Kane setting up the chokeslam. He hits it with ease too – it looked pretty impressive. That sets up the pinfall and the victory for Kane.

Winner: Kane

Eve Interviews CM Punk

Eve is backstage with CM Punk. Punk says no one gives him a chance against The Undertaker. He says no one gave him a chance at SummerSlam either but he won. He talks about being the first ever straight-edge champion. He got rid of Jeff Hardy and three mere weeks later, Hardy is all over the TV for his controversial situation. He says unlike Jeff you won’t see CM Punk’s mug-shot on TV. He’s shooting pretty good on Hardy. Now he’s taking shots at the Montreal crowd. He talks about how he’s not afraid of Undertaker and the lights go out. He asks what’s going on, the lights come back on and Jimmy Wang Yang  was shown hitting the light switch as a joke. He offers a handshake and good luck to Punk tonight. Punk attacks him. He tells Eve he’s not worried about The Undertaker, ‘Taker should be worried about him. He walks off.

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