WWE Raw Results – November 16th, 2009

SEGMENT: Roddy Piper Challenges Vince McMahon to a Match

Following the break, Raw guest host Roddy Piper comes out to the ring.  He puts over the Garden and the New York fans.  He jokes about the camera being too close and he tells the camera man to stand back or he’d kick him in the slacks. Funny.  He continues putting over New York and MSG.  He talks about embarassing Cyndi Laupe after the "embarassed himself".  He then puts over other legends he wrestled right there in the Garden.  He said that’s proof that you’re either bald or dead if you’re messing with Rowdy Roddy Piper.  He says he can say that because they know he loves them…well, the dead ones do.  He’s the reason Hulk Hogan has no hair. 

He continues by saying he has done some bad things, but he has one more thing to do before he checks out like the rest of them.  He says he wants one more match with Vincent Kennedy McMahon!  He knows McMahon is a big fan of his because when he did Real Sports w/ Bryant Gumbel, Vince fired him right afterward right there in MSG.  He says he knows Vince is in the building and sure enough, the Chairman makes his way out to the ring.

Vince makes fun of Roddy Piper’s dye job on his hair.  Vince agrees that Piper has done some horrible things in the Garden, but the worst thing he’s ever done is show up.  He says Mother Nature hasn’t been too kind to Piper.  Vince continues to make fun of Piper’s run-down appearance.  He then says the only thing that hasn’t dried up and withered away is his kilt.  If he were to fight Piper, his forefathers would be ashamed of him.  Piper says that there’s plenty of other things people are ashamed of Vince for and the two continue keep going back and forth.  Vince says he looks better and has beaten all of the people he stepped in the ring with, including Austin, Rock, Triple H, etc. and unless there’s better competition out there, he’s officially retiring from ring action.

Piper says he’s done playing games and calls Vince a coward.  He says he’s not sane and that’s what Vince needs to be afraid of.  He’s beaten cancer and he can beat Vince.  He doesn’t want the match at a WrestleMania or a pay per view.  He wants the match in front of the people who made Vince a billionaire.  He says he’ll be here later and challenges McMahon to be there too.  Piper leaves and McMahon starts talking, but they cut to promoting the main event triple threat match.  Not sure what happened, but we cut to a break.