WWE Raw Results – December 21st, 2009

We’re back and Vince McMahon meets up with Johnny Damon in the back.  Vince asks what Damon thinks about John Cena challenging Sheamus to a rematch for the title.  Damon says he thinks they should face for the title next week.  Vince agrees.  Damon then asks Vince whether there’s any truth to Bret Hart hosting Raw.  Vince says that is kind of a "bah humbug" question and walks off.

Miz comes out to the ring looking to wrestle, followed by "Santino Clause".  Santino gets on the mic and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.  He then starts singing "Santino Clause is coming to town".  He says it’s not very good news for Miz because right now, Santino Clause doesn’t feel like being very nice.

The Miz vs Santino Marella

Miz charges Santino and takes him down with repeated punches.  He chokes Santino on the second rope and then rams him into the corner.  He kicks him and chokes him out until the ref breaks it up.   When Santino gets back to his feet, Miz charges, but Santino moves.  He follows with a hip toss and then goes to the second rope.  He tries a headbutt, but Miz moves.  He nails the Skull Crushing Finale and gets the victory.

Winner: The Miz

After The Match: Miz grabs the bag that Santino brought out that is apparently full of toys and stomps on it and kicks it before exiting.  We then cut to Lawler and Cole who remind of us DX and Little People’s Court.  A video recap highlights the whole thing.

We then see Big Show in the back and Josh Matthews comes for an interview.  Big Show says he’s tired of these imposter Santa Clause’s around here.  He’s going to the ring and calling out the real Santa who better give him his wish or he’s going to knock him out.