WWE Raw Results – January 18th, 2010

WWE RAW Results - January 18, 2010WWE RAW Results

January 18, 2010

Results By: Chris Cash for WrestleZone.com

WWE RAW Opener:

We open with Vince McMahon as he makes his way to the ring.  He says life is about decisions and that all decisions are tough when you’re in business.  He said he made a decision to allow Bret Hart back into the WWE.  He also made a decision to kick Bret as hard as he could in the gut.  He then made a decision to make sure Bret Hart was never allowed back in a WWE ring again.  The reason he did that is because fans should remember him as the "hitman" and not what he really is which is a broken down war horse that needs to be put down.  He then makes an analogy about Bret Hart and gum.  Bret Hart lost his flavor so he spit him out.  He continues until he’s cut off by the Undertaker. 

Undertaker gets in the ring, takes the mic from McMahon and says it’s his time.  He says he came out to address Shawn Michaels, but since Vince is there, he wanted to tell him something his ego will never allow him to admit.  He was there 12 years ago in Montreal and he saw the whole thing.  He saw the fear in Vince’s eyes then and he sees it now.  He tells Vince that he screwed Bret Hart – not once, but twice – and now, he’s terrified of the consequences.  Taker adds that what Vince did was the act of a coward.  Vince says that with all due respect, he disagrees.  Vince backs out of the ring allowing the Undertaker to continue. 

Undertaker then says the same stubborn attributes Vince has are held by Shawn Michaels too.  Although last year at WrestleMania Shawn did show that he’s "Mr. WrestleMania", the streak is still in tact.  He now has his answer and it’s an answer that he wanted to deliver personally.  Shawn’s music hits and he comes out to the ring.  "Here I am, deadman, anxiously waiting for your answer and believe me, I’m all ears," says Shawn Michaels.

Undertaker admits that Shawn came closer than all the others, but he still failed.  And this year’s WrestleMania will only end in more bitter disappointment for him.  He has nothing to prove and his answer is "no".  Shawn starts talking about the audacity of Taker before he’s cut off…Undertaker says that if Shawn’s convinced he can beat him, he’ll let him try tonight.  Shawn then says "no".  Shawn says that he’d like nothing more than to beat him, but when he does, it’s going to be on the grandest stage of them all.  Shawn continues by saying that he knows what he has to do: enter the Royal Rumble and win.  "And I will win", adds Shawn Michaels.  Undertaker says that winning the Royal Rumble is the only chance he has at salvation.  Shawn says that after he wins the Rumble, the Undertaker’s streak, title, and soul will be his.