WWE Raw Results – February 8th, 2010

WWE RAW Results - February 8, 2010WWE RAW Results

February 8, 2010

Results by: Chris Cash for WrestleZone.com

WWE RAW Opener:

A replay of the Vince McMahon/Bret Hart/Batista segment kicked off the show before the official intro.  Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole then put over the triple threat Tag Team Championship match and the fact that they have exclusive footage of what happened between John Cena and Batista after Raw went off the air last week.

We then cut to the number 99 nascar doing donuts in the backstage parking lot.  It drives into the live arena and instead of the guest host, Carl Edwards, driving the car, it’s apparently Hornswoggle.  He gets out of the car, stands on the hood, and celebrates.  Kelly Kelly then introduces Edwards and he’s escorted to the ring by the Bella Twins.  He does the familiar backflip off the top rope and gets a mic.  He says he always wanted to host Raw and what better place than Lousiana, home of the Super Bowl Champions.  He then puts over his big race this Sunday and the fact that he has a good friend here in the WWE…John Cena.  Before he gets any further, he’s cut off by the WWE Champion, Sheamus. 

Sheamus talks about his Super Bowl being WrestleMania in seven weeks.  He plans on walking into the event as WWE Champion.  That means he has to win the Elimination Chamber match and he demands that Carl makes him the last participant in the match.  He demands Edwards to do it and if he doesn’t, Edwards won’t make the Daytona race next week.  Christian’s music hits and he’s on his way out.  Christian introduces himself to the guest host.  Sheamus asks what he’s doing here and Christian brings up how Edge said he was going to challenge either the WWE or the World Champion at WM and his name wasn’t mentioned.  Christian then brought up how Vince McMahon announced that ECW was changing to the NXT promotion, so Sheamus says he’s now  the lame duck champion.  He tells Christian that in two weeks, he’ll be unemployed.  Christian disagrees.  In fact, he’s going to be a free agent and he can sign with any show he wants.  He thinks that his Raw peeps are beginning to miss him.  Christian challenges Sheamus to a match tonight and Carl Edwards agrees.  In fact, he gets a ref in here and that match starts now.

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