WWE Elimination Chamber Results – February 21, 2010

WWE Elimination Chamber Results

February 21, 2010

Results By: Matt Boone for WrestleZone.com

RAW Elimination Chamber:

-John Cena vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus

The RAW Elimination Chamber match will be opening the show. John Cena is out first and it’s going to be an anti-Cena crowd it appears. Cena gets into his pod as the ref chains him in. Ted DiBiase is out next. DiBiase gets in his pod. Randy Orton comes out. Crowd seems pro-Orton. Orton enters his pod. Triple H comes out. Kofi Kingston comes out. And the WWE champion – Sheamus enters. Sheamus and Kingston start things off. Sheamus works over Kofi a bit. The countdown clock hits and Triple H’s chamber opens up. HHH has a big smile on his face as Sheamus looks at him. Crowd digs this. HHH and Sheamus go nose-to-nose and HHH begins his onslaught. Kingston is still down outside the ring. Kingston finally wakes up and takes out both HHH and Sheamus. Kofi hits a boom-drop on HHH on the steel outside the ring. Countdown clock hits and this time Randy Orton comes out. Crowd is way into Orton. All guys go for their finisher and in the end, only HHH takes a bump, onto the steel grid outside the ring. Orton slams Kingston on it now. Countdown clock hits and this time Ted DiBiase is let loose. Only John Cena is still caged up now. DiBiase sticks his hand out to help Orton up. Orton accepts. They go attack HHH together. Now the duo works on Sheamus. Orton and DiBiase pushing Kofi’s face through the chain-links now and choking him with it as well. Orton hits his DDT draped over the middle ropes on HHH, face-first onto the steel grid. DiBiase and Orton go over to Cena’s pod and stare him down. He turns his head and looks at the clock. The countdown begins. They both wait for him to come out. Buzzer sounds, Cena comes out and is a ball of fire. Cena hits an Attitude Adjustment on DiBiase – over the top ropes and onto the steel grid. Cody Rhodes runs down to ringside with a pipe in his hand. He throws it into the cage. DiBiase gets it and hits Orton with it. Cena hits Orton with the Attitude Adjustment. DiBiase hits Cena with it and knocks him out. DiBiase pins Orton. Orton is eliminated. Kingston pins DiBiase soon thereafter. DiBiase is eliminated. Immediately after Kofi gets up, Sheamus hits the big kick on him. He picks Kofi up and hits the Razor’s Edge on him for the pin. Kingston is eliminated. It’s down to Sheamus, HHH and Cena now. HHH hits the Pedigree on Sheamus. HHH pins Sheamus. It’s down to HHH and Cena now. We will have a new champion in a few minutes. Cena slaps the STF on HHH in the middle of the ring. He holds it on forever and HHH finally lightly taps out. John Cena wins.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: John Cena

After The Match: Impromptu Title Match

Vince McMahon’s music hits and Cena collects his shit on the mat. He congratulates Cena and says he’s going to WrestleMania as champion…..as long as he can beat "this man." Batista’s music plays.

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