WWE Raw Results – March 1st, 2010

DX vs ShoMiz

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Show and HBK start off the match and the two go back and forth until Show whips Michaels hard into the corner and tags Miz in.  Miz goes for a quick cover, but Shawn kicks out.  Miz tags in Show again.  He comes in with a bearhug.  Michaels fights his way out of it and slaps Show’s chest.  He tries a superkick, but Show catches him and attempts a chokeslam.  HBK gets out of it and makes the tag to Hunter who comes in firing.  He hits a huge spinebuster on Show and then one on Miz.  Show hits the chokeslam on Hunter and HBK comes in and hits the Sweet Chin Music on Show.  Both are laid out and the ref starts counting. 

The two of them start stirring and Show makes the tag first.  Triple H makes the tag too and Shawn comes in exploding on Shawn with his "vintage" moves as Cole says.  He goes up top and connects with the elbow.  He starts tuning up the band and the Undertaker comes on the big screen.  Michaels sees him and stares at him.  Taker doesn’t say a word, just rolls his eyes into the back of his head and this allows Miz time to come up from behind.  Shawn sees him at the last minute and attempts a superkick, but Miz counters into a roll up and he gets the three count.


After The Match: Hunter tries to come help Shawn up, but Shawn slaps his hand away and tells him not to touch him as he storms out of the ring like a man on a mission.  Sheamus then comes out from behind Hunter and hits a clothesline.  He then nails him over the top rope.  Sheamus follows him out of the ring and kicks Hunter’s head into the side of the announce table as a loud "Sheamus sucks" chant breaks out. Hunter finally makes his way to his feet and Sheamus delivers another kick to his head sending him over the announce table.  Sheamus then jumps up on the announce table in celebration as his music hits, we get a replay of what just transpired and Raw goes off the air.