WWE RAW Results – March 15th, 2010

WWE RAW Results

March 15, 2010

Results by Derek Kandler for WrestleZone.com

WWE RAW Opener:

Raw opens with  a promo explaining John Cena and Mr. McMahon from last week. They are showing highlights of the interviews throughout that night and now the gauntlet match. 

Live from San Diego tonight. Raw is being explained as a "Vintage Raw" containing matches from previous WM’s. 

Stold Cold’s Music hits!!!!

Huge ovation from the crowd. Described as breaking every record in the history of the WWE by the announcing crew. It’s the first time in over 2 years that Austin has been on RAW! They’re talking about the irony of him being the boss for a night. An undeniable "AUSTIN AUSTIN" chant breaks from the crowd before he can speak. He says just standing in this ring, makes him wanna open up a big fat can of whoop ass! He says he must be out of shape because walking out to the ring made him thirsty. He calls for a couple of beers and asks the crowd if they’re ready for Monday Night Raw, give me a HELL YEAH! 

He says that brings him to his point. He talks about WM being so important to him. He talks about wrestling Bret Hart at WM 13, and remembering lying in a pool of his own blood. He then commemorates Brett Hart for all he has done, and all the matches they have had. He says he can’t believe it’s happening, but Brett Hart vs Vince is happening. He says tonight, they will be signing the contract for the match. He talks about him overseeing it to make sure this match goes right into WM without any hitches. He then pauses for a drink.

He says tonight Vince is dealing with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and it makes no difference to him if he has to stick his foot up his ass! THAT’S THE BOTTOM LINE, CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO.

John Cena’s Music Cuts In

Cena comes out with his normal routine. Austin was pretending as if he was sneaking up on Cena for a stunner but then backs away and smiles. Austin walks out of the ring and Big Show’s music hits. Stone Cold stares him down as he walks up to the ring, then laughs as he passes him by. 

John Cena vs. Big Show

WrestleMania Rewind WM 20

Starts out with a little bit of a jabbing match. Turns into full swings by Big Show to set up a power bomb. Cena flies backwards once up in the air, looked like an awkward fall.