WrestleMania 26 Results – March 28, 2010

WrestleMania 26 Results

March 28, 2010

Results by Matt Boone for WrestleZone.com

WrestleMania 26 Opener:

WrestleMania 26 opens with a live shot inside the arena. Fantasia is introduced to sing America The Beautiful. We get a call intro video package and return to the arena. Michael Cole introduces us to the 26th annual WrestleMania.

Unified Tag-Team Titles:

-Big Show & The Miz (c) vs. R-Truth & John Morrison

We open with R-Truth coming out rapping. It’s a long walk-way too. Christ. John Morrison makes his way out. We get our first shot of the announce team: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Matt Striker. Big Show & Miz come out together. Our first match is now officially underway. We’re introduced to the Spanish announce team during Show-Miz’s ring walk. Those dudes talk fast. Former tag-team partners Morrison and Miz start things off. Morrison quickly takes the upper-hand. He tags in R-Truth. Once again he wants to know what’s up. Miz momentarily stuns R-Truth and tags in the Big Show. Big Show immediately goes to work on R-Truth – that’s what’s up. Show taunts Morrison while continuing the beatdown on Truth. Big Show goes to the middle rope, but Morrison runs the apron and kicks Big Show off. Truth tags in Morrison, Show tags in Miz. The former tag partners are going at it again. Morrison quickly gets the upper hand again. Morrison goes for the Starship Pain but misses. Big Show assaults R-Truth on the floor. Miz goes to work on Morrison in the ring. He goes for the Skull Crushing Finale but Morrison reverses it. Miz tags Big Show in without Morrison seeing it, Big Show hits Morrison with the knockout punch from the apron as the legal man and simply comes in and pins Morrison. Show-Miz win and retain. Quick match.

Winners and STILL Unified Tag-Team Champions: Big Show & The Miz

WrestleMania Weekend Video Package

At the announce table, Lawler and Cole discuss their participation in the WrestleMania weekend festivities. They intro a video package showing a lot of the promotion WWE stars did on mainstream TV shows, stuff from Axxes, highlights from the Superstar Golf Tournament, and a bunch of other stuff.

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Triple-Threat Match:

-Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase Jr.

DiBiase comes out first to the Legacy theme song. Rhodes comes out with new theme music. Orton comes out to a big pop. The triple-threat match begins and it looks as if Orton is dealing with Rhodes and DiBiase as a duo in this match. He’s handling that situation pretty well thus far. A dropkick from DiBiase to Orton is the start of a two-man beatdown of Orton. This two-on-one attack has been going on for a while now as the announcers argue as usual. DiBiase goes for a pinfall behind Rhodes’ back – Rhodes catches him. Basic stuff. Rhodes throws DiBiase to the floor and hits Orton with his finisher. He goes for the pinfall but DiBiase breaks things up. DiBiase and Rhodes are finally fed up with each other and they battle it out to the floor while Orton recovers. Rhodes and DiBiase battle back into the ring and Orton is recovered now and going to work on both of them. The crowd is diggin’ Orton as a babyface in this match. Orton hits a double-DDT draped off the middle rope on Rhodes and DiBiase. Crowd popped huge for that spot and Orton played it up good with the facial reaction on a close-up shot. He drops down and does his Bam-Bam from the Flinstones routine waiting for Rhodes to get up. He stops out of nowhere and stands up. He thinks for a moment and finally backs up. Crowd pops big as Orton runs in and hits the Punt on Rhodes. DiBiase sneaks up from behind Orton and tries hitting the Dream Street on him. Orton counters and hits the RKO on DiBiase. He pins him and wins.

Winner: Randy Orton

Backstage: Vickie Guerrero & Her Crew

Backstage John Mathews introduces Vickie Guerrero. She approaches with the other four Divas that are part of her team tonight. Vickie begins to talk, the crowd boo’s and she asks them to excuse her. In comes Jillian Hall with the headset on and does her bad-singing schtick. Good lord. That goes on for longer than usual until Santino Marella comes in with a Slim Jim. He plugs Slim Jims in the Santino style. He opens a Slim Jim and says anything can happen when you bite into a Slim Jim. He takes a bite and Jillian turns into Mae Young. Mae kisses him. He takes another bite and "Mean" Gene Okerlund appears in a dress. He takes another bite and Melina appears. Santino is content to stay there. They walk off together.

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Money In The Bank Ladder Match:

-Kofi Kingston vs. MVP vs. Evan Bourne vs. Jack Swagger vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Kane vs. Christian

All 10 guys enter in the order listed above in bold. That took a while even with them cutting off the music and hitting the next guys music the second they stepped foot into the ring. The match begins and this just looks like a mess. Too many people. They all scatter around quick. There’s mini-two man fights going on in five different spots around the ring and in the ring. A ladder is set up in the ring already with Drew McIntyre and Matt Hardy. Drew climbs, Matt pushes the ladder over. Bourne and MVP join them in the ring. MVP knocks Drew out. Everyone starts coming in the ring and they’re all trying to climb the same ladder. Kane chokeslams Bourne onto the floor. Hardy and Swagger are on top of the ladder fighting for the briefcase. Kofi knocks them off the ladder. Christian and Kofi are fighting in the ring now by themselves. Christian throws a ladder in Hardy’s face. Christian monkey-flips Kofi onto Hardy in the corner. He sets the ladder up and he’s the only man in the ring until Ziggler comes in and knocks him off the ladder. Dolph makes the climb up the ladder, solo man in the ring. MVP eventually comes in and knocks him off. He climbs now until Kane stops him. Benjamin and Kofi swing ladders at each other. MVP and Benjamin attack Kane with the ladder. Kofi runs over to them and does a big leaping spot in the corner on the ladder/Kane. Kane starts to fight back now and cleans house of Kofi, MVP and Benjamin. The smoke clears and it’s Benjamin in the ring by himself. He sets up a ladder. Swagger knocks him off. Bourne comes in and beats up Swagger with the ladder. Hardy is in now, as is Christian. Swagger is under the ladder in the middle of the ring, in the middle of the ladder. Hardy and Christian on each side take a ladder long ways and shove them through the steps of the ladder in the middle of the ring. They smash it into him on each side a few times and then keep them together, locking Swagger inside. Christian and Hardy climb the middle ladder. Christian knocks Hardy off. Bourne comes in and knocks Christian off. He hits the Air Bourne on Christian off the top of the ladder. That was awesome. Bourne climbs and Hardy is climing up the other side. Hardy slams Bourne off the top of the ladder. He’s up by himself now until Swagger climbs up behind him and slams Hardy onto one of the ladders that was still wedged in the middle of the standing ladder. All ten guys are on the floor now around the ring. Kane clotheslines about three guys with a ladder. He enters the ring alone and climbs up the ladder. Dolph runs in behind him and climbs over top Kane’s head. That was cool lol. Kane stops his climb and just pushes the ladder over. Dolph crashes on the canvas. Kane clotheslines Dolph with the ladder. He chokeslams him on a ladder laid out unfolded in the ring. Ouch. He opens the ladder, puts Dolph inside it and slams it repeatedly on Dolph’s body. Kane picks up a ladder but before he can unfold it, Kofi hits the Trouble In Paradise kick on the ladder – which subsequently smashed into Kane. Kofi has two ladders. He climbs up to step three on each and is walking with them like stilts. That is cool as shit! Drew comes in and knocks out one ladder from underneath him. He pushes over the remaining ladder that he was still standing on. Drew sets up a ladder in the middle, unfolds it and begins his climb alone in the ring. Hardy eventually runs in as Drew is fiddling with the briefcase. Hardy knocks Drew to the floor. He climbs now alone in the ring until Kane comes in and sets up a ladder right next to the one Hardy is on. Hardy kicks Kane. Christian comes in and climbs the second ladder. He jumps over to Hardy’s ladder and is behind Hardy now. Kane moves the other ladder over right next to them. He climbs up that ladder and is trying to double chokeslam Hardy and Christian off their ladder. Hardy and Christian team up and knock Kane off his ladder. Hardy and Christian are now battling it out on top of the ladders. Hardy hits a Twist Of Fate on Christian and they both crash down to the mat. Christian is up now and climbs the ladder. Swagger climbs the other side. Christian has a hold on the briefcase now. Swagger grabs the briefcase and smashes it into Christian head while it was still hooked. Christian falls off the ladder. Swagger is trying to untie the briefcase. He can’t do it. Oh wow. It took him so long to unhook the briefcase, I thought someone was coming in to interfere. I guess Swagger was actually just having trouble unhooking it. Swagger wins Money In The Bank.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Hall Of Fame Recap:

We go to the announce booth. The guys talk about the Hall Of Fame last night, setting up a video highlights package of the ceremony. We return inside the arena and all the Hall Of Famers for 2010 are introduced. A red carpet with big stars is laid out. Each person stands on their own star and are introduced one-by-one.

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Triple H vs. Sheamus

A video package highlighting the history of the HHH-Sheamus feud airs. We return live to the arena and Sheamus comes out. Triple H comes out and it’s time for our next match. They lock up and Sheamus powers HHH back into a corner. Sheamus lets go and pushes HHH hard, then yells in his face that he’s the future. They lock up again, HHH powers Sheamus into a corner, lets go and slaps Sheamus in the face. HHH now going to work on Sheamus. He’s focusing on the legs of Sheamus with his attack. HHH applies a Figure Four on Sheamus. Cole says it’s a tribute to his hero Ric Flair. Sheamus eventually gets to the ropes to break the hold. He rolls to the floor. HHH goes after him, but Sheamus throws HHH into the ringside steps. Sheamus throws HHH back in the ring and continues his attack. Sheamus seems to be working on the back of HHH with his attack. Sheamus dominates for a while until HHH finally counters with a back body-drop on Sheamus. Both guys are down. HHH gets up. Sheamus is up. Sheamus charges HHH but HHH catches him with a DDT. HHH seems to be regaining momentum. HHH hits the running knee on Sheamus, followed by the facebuster on his knee. He sets up the Pedigree but Sheamus counters out of it. HHH with a neckbreaker on Sheamus. Sheamus sets up for the Razor’s Edge but HHH counters. HHH goes for the Pedigree but Sheamus counters and hits his Big Boot Kick on HHH. He pins him quickly but HHH kicks out at two. The announcers say that’s the first time someone has kicked out of that. We get a close-up shot of Sheamus with a look of disbelief on his face. The disbelief changes to anger and he picks HHH up. HHH blasts him with a spinebuster. Both guys are down. They stumble up and HHH hits the Pedigree out of nowhere. He pins him for the victory.

Winner: Triple H

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

A video package for this feud airs, followed by the explanation of Mysterio having to join the Straight Edge Society if he loses stipulation. Punk comes out with Luke Gallows and Serena. He’s got a mic and he’s doing his typical speech stuff as he walks to the ring. Mysterio’s music hits. Dramatic pause and Mysterio comes out with an Avatar-themed mask/ring gear on. The bell rings and Punk immediately goes to work on Mysterio. The ref pulls him off and Serena attacks Mysterio inside the ring from the floor. On the floor, Punk hits a facebuster to Mysterio on the ringside steps. Back in the ring, Mysterio goes for a leapfrop move on Punk but Punk catches him. Punk goes for the GTS but Mysterio counters. Mysterio goes to the top and misses a frogsplash. Gallows gets up on the apron but Mysterio knocks him off and hits the 6-1-9 on Punk. He pins him and takes the victory. Mysterio does not have to join the Straight Edge Society.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

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No Holds Barred:

-Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon

The video package airs highlighting the near 13-year history between Hart and McMahon. The no holds barred match is next. Bret makes his walk to the ring. Mr. McMahon comes out and stops at the top of the entrance. He has a microphone. He says it’s time for a good WrestleMania-sized screwing. He tells him to remember: "Bret screwed Bret and Vince screwed Bret. And now Vince and your entire family screwed Bret." Out come Hart’s entire family and apparently Vince paid them off to assist him tonight in this no holds barred match. Bruce Hart is going to be the referee. He hugs Vince. The rest of the Hart family is apparently serving as LumberJacks. Bret gets a mic. He says he can’t believe all of his family agreed to this. Bret says he learned one thing from the Montreal Screwjob: nothing is sweeter than a good double-cross. He tells Vince his family is stronger than ever. He says they told him ahead of time that he was paying them off, but in reality they are all on his side. Vince does the big gulp. Bret says tonight will be remembered as the night Bret screwed Vince. The bell rings and the match begins. Bret knocks Vince to the floor immediately and his cover-ups, I mean, family members all go to work on Vince. Bret takes a breather in the ring and watches on. They beat on Vince for quite a while and eventually toss him back in the ring for Bret. Bret goes to work on Vince’s leg. He throws Vince back to the floor and the family goes to work on him again. Vince has a tire iron and goes after Bret in the ring. Bret avoids it and knocks Vince down. Bret grabs the tire iron and beats down Vince with it. Bret sets up the Sharpshooter in the ring but decides against it. He beats on Vince with the tire iron some more and then sets it up again. Or so we thought, instead he just kicked him in the groin. Bret opens a chair in the ring and just sits down. He’s waiting for Vince to get up. He folds the chair back up and blasts Vince in the back with it. And again. Crowd chants for one more and he obliges. Now he’s just beating the crap out of him repeatedly with the chair. I’m one of the biggest Bret fans of all time, but this match is kinda trash. Bret finally puts the Sharpshooter on Vince and he taps out immediately.

Winner: Bret Hart

World Title:

-Chris Jericho (c) vs. Edge

The video package airs highlighting their feud. Jericho comes in first as champion. Edge is in now and our World title match is underway. Jericho in complete control of the offense with ease so far in this one. "Ask him!" count so far: 2. Jericho knocks Edge out of the ring and uses that time to taunt the crowd. Jericho with a headlock on Edge. "Ask him!" updated count: 4. By the way, screaming "Ask him!" for a headlock is awesome. Edge shows his first sign of life and knocks Jericho to the floor. Edge recovers in the ring a bit and then goes out to beat on Jericho outside the ring. Edge throws Jericho back in the ring and goes to the top. Jericho cuts him off and goes up after him. Both guys are exchanging punches on the top rope. Edge hits his face-first suplex move off the top and gets a two-count on a near fall. Jericho grabs Edge’s legs out of nowhere for the Walls Of Jericho but Edge kicks him off. Edge goes to the top and hits a cross-body on Jericho but Jericho rolls it over for a pin attempt. Jericho tries the Walls again but Edge again shoves him off. Jericho goes for the Codebreaker but Edge reverses it. He waits for Jericho to get up and runs at him with a Spear. Jericho avoids it and applies the Walls Of Jericho to Edge. Edge suffers in the hold for a while before finally reversing it into a roll-up pin attempt. No dice, but Edge is back in control of the offense. Edge hits his DDT-finisher move and tries a pin, but only gets two. Jericho knocks Edge down and waits for him to get up. He tries hitting Edge with his own Spear move but Edge catches him coming in with a big boot. Now Edge is waiting for Jericho to get up so he can try a Spear of his own. Jericho catches Edge coming in for a Spear with the Codebreaker. Both guys are down. Jericho crawls over to Edge and tries a pin but Edge kicks out. Jericho again gets the Walls Of Jericho on Edge. He switches it after a few seconds into a one-legged Walls Of Jericho, on the surgically repaired leg of Edge. Edge suffers for a while and eventually gets to the ropes to break the hold. The ref gets bumped and Jericho uses that free time to blast Edge with the title belt to the face. Jericho tries a pin after the ref recovers but Edge kicks out at two. Jericho hits the Codebreaker on Edge and gets the pinfall to retain the World title.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Chris Jericho

After The Match:

Jericho goes to attack Edge’s leg more but Edge kicks him off and throws him to the floor. Edge rips up some of the padding covering the concrete. He clears off the announce tables and puts Jericho on one of them. Edge gets on the other announce table and waits for Jericho to get up. Jericho gets up and Edge runs from one announce table to the other, spearing Jericho off as they smash into the barricade at ringside. That was awesome.

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10-Diva Tag Match:

-Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres vs. Vickie Guerrero, Michelle McCool, Layla, Maryse & Alicia Fox

Vickie Guerrero and Beth Phoenix start things off. Beth beats on Vickie for a brief moment before tagging in Layla. Layla kicks her a few times and tags Gail Kim. Kim does the same and tags in Mickie James. Mickie does the same and tags in Kelly Kelly. Vickie screams in Kelly’s face, but Kelly just kicks her anyway. Michelle McCool interferes and hits her finisher on Kelly. All girls run in and get a spot doing their finisher now. Vickie hits a bullfrog splash or a hog splash, depending on which announcer term you prefer, they called it both. She gets the pinfall and the heel Divas win.

Winners: Vickie Guerrero, Michelle McCool, Layla, Maryse & Alicia Fox

WWE Title:

-Batista (c) vs. John Cena

Their highlight video package airs – the WWE title match is up next. WWE champ Batista is out first. Cena has a big dramatic entrance. A bunch of soldiers in uniform are doing a gun-show thing at the top of the entrance ramp. They finish and Cena’s theme finally hits and he walks in between all the guys, does his salute and begins his long ass run to the ring. He made it. The match begins and Batista is dominating Cena from the get-go. It’s a one-sided beatdown so far here. Finally Cena turns things around, reversing a Batista suplex attempt with a suplex of his own. Cena gets Batista up for the Attitude Adjustment but Batista reverses it. Oh man he dropped Cena right on his head. The way the match is going since that spot it seems like Cena might be hurt. All the moves involve Cena basically just staying laying on the ground. Long chokehold spot on Cena and now Cena is finally moving around, so I guess he’s fine. He lifts Batista up and peels his hands off to break out of the choke. Both guys exchange punches until Batista hits a neckbreaker on Cena. Cena is making his comeback now, hitting Batista with move after move. He sets up the Five Knuckle Shuffle, as apparently Batista can’t see him. Cena goes to hit the move but Batista catches him and slams him down. Batista signals for the Batista Bomb but Cena reverses it into the STF. Batista gets to the ropes to break the hold. Batista hits Cena with a spear. Both guys are on the top rope now and are doing a test of strength spot on the top rope. That’s pretty cool lol. Cena finally knocks Batista off. Cena stands on the top rope, raises his hand and does the "You Can’t See Me" into a Five Knuckle Shuffle off the top roe. That’s the first time he’s ever done that isn’t it? Batista gets up and hits Cena with the Batista Bomb and tries a pin, but Cena kicks out. Crowd erupted for that, expecting it to be the finish. Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment and tries a pin but Batista kicks out. Crowd bought that one too. Cena goes to the top. He comes off but Batista catches him into a face planter. Cena gets up and locks in the STF. Batista fights it as long as he can but ultimately taps out. We have a new WWE champion.

Winner and NEW WWE Champion: John Cena

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Streak vs. Career:

-The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

The video package is airing now. HBK makes his way to the ring. Undertaker’s music hits and a spotlight on the top of the ramp shows up. Taker rises from the floor, wearing a modified version of his hooded entrance attire. He begins his slow walk to the ring, which could take forever if he doesn’t pick up the pace at some point. Long walk way to the ring. Flames are shooting off in the background behind him like a son of a bitch. He finally makes it to the ring and HBK and Taker get face-to-face in the center of the ring. HBK does Taker’s throat-slicing hand gesture. This has big match feel like crazy. And they start things off. Taker with a big running boot to HBK followed by a running clothesline in the corner. Taker grabs HBK’s arm and is going for Old School early. He hits it and hobbles after. He goes for a chokeslam on HBK but his leg gives out. HBK goes to work on the leg. Taker is fighting back now but still selling the leg. HBK is out on the floor now and Taker is aiming to hit his vintage dive over the top. He starts his run but HBK quickly slides into the ring and catches Taker with a spear. HBK goes for a leg lock but Taker kicks him off to the floor. He goes out to the floor after him and slams him back-first into the ringside post. Taker hits the leg drop on the apron spot. HBK starts fighting back now and applies the Figure Four. The whole crowd erupts with a Ric Flair "WOOOO!" Taker suffers for a while until eventually reversing the figure four by rolling over. HBK quickly lets go. They trade punches and chops now, and the crowd is reacting to them all. HBK hits the ropes and blasts Taker. He does his kip-up thing but Taker was waiting for him and he hits the Chokeslam on him. He tries a pin but HBK kicks out at two. Taker goes for the Tombstone piledriver but HBK manages to escape and grab a leg of Taker, which he uses by applying a Kurt Angle style ankle lock. Taker eventually gets out of it. He’s selling the leg even more now. HBK does a huge dive off the ropes to Taker on the floor, but Taker catches him in mid-air and Tombstones him on the floor. Crowd dug that one. A trainer comes out to check on HBK. Wrong time for that, no one bought it as a serious thing, it was just a regular piledriver. Taker pushes the helper away and throws HBK back in the ring. He tries a pin but HBK kicks out. Taker goes for the Last Ride on HBK. His leg goes out in mid-move so he kinda dropped him but also kinda got it a little bit. The announcers had no idea how to sell that. We get a replay and we’re told HBK pulled Taker’s hair or something to reverse it at the last second. HBK goes for his trademark elbow off the top, but Taker gets the knees up. That one wasn’t so smooth either. Taker gets the Hell’s Gate on out of nowhere but HBK reverses it quickly into a pinfall attempt. Both guys get up and HBK hits Sweet Chin Music. He tries a pin quickly but Taker manages to kick out at two. HBK tunes up the band again and is going to try a second one. Taker blocks it, kicks him in the stomach and hits him with the Last Ride. This time he hit it perfectly. Pinfall attempt and Taker only gets two. Taker throws HBK to the floor and clears off an announce table. The dreaded Spanish announce table seems to be headed for doom. Taker goes for the Last Ride on the table but HBK slides off and hits Sweet Chin Music. Taker falls from it onto the table, conveniently landing across the table long-ways. HBK heads to the top rope — but backwards. Someone gets in front of the camera. That was odd. HBK comes flying off with a moonsault and Taker crashes through the table. HBK rolls Taker back in the ring. HBK hits Sweet Chin Music on Taker and pins him but Taker still somehow kicks out at two. HBK is looking to go for it again but Taker catches him out of nowhere with a Chokeslam. He picks him back up and hits a Tombstone in the middle of the ring. He crosses his arms and goes for the pin but HBK kicks out. Crowd pops huge for that. Taker pulls down the straps. He looks at HBK like "why are you still trying man?" as HBK crawls up his body trying to get back to his feet. Taker tells him to stay down. HBK again mocks Taker’s throat-slicing gesture. He punks out Taker and that made Taker mad enough to forget his pity for him. He Tombstones HBK and pins him. It’s over. The streak remains but the career is over.

Winner: The Undertaker

After The Match:

Taker does his kneeling praise the gods thing and the camera man pans around. We see 18-0 on the big screen and fireworks go off in the arena. Since the roof is open, we get an overhead shot of the entire building and fireworks go off all over the outside of the building. Taker walks over and stands over HBK. He grabs his hand and is helping him up. They shake hands and hug. Taker leaves. HBK stands in the center of the ring as the crowd chants "HBK, HBK!" HBK looks close to tears. "Thank you Shawn" chants break out. HBK kneels down and does his pose. 

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