WWE SummerSlam Results – August 15, 2010

WWE SummerSlam Results

August 15, 2010

Report by Matt Boone for WrestleZone.com

WWE SummerSlam 2010 PPV Opener:

And the FBI is done warning us. Let’s get this show on the road! Opening video stuff is about to kick on now. Strap in, because here we go!

Typical bad-ass video package to open the show, highlighting the feuds that lead to tonight’s matches.

We are welcomed to the 2010 edition of WWE SummerSlam and it seems as though we’re about to head to the ring.

WWE Intercontinental Title:

-Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

And our first match is entering the ring as I thought. It will be the I-C title match between Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston. Ziggler is out first, accompanied by Vickie Guerrero. Vickie has a microphone. She feels the fans aren’t paying attention enough, so she raises her voice and says the appropriate phrase to gain their attention. This has the opposite effect. She goes to repeat this cycle a few more times, but Kingston’s music hits and out comes the challenger. The bell sounds and Kingston immediately goes to work, punching the crap out of Ziggler before sending him to the floor with a clothesline. Kofi goes to follow up with a big dive, but ends up hitting the guard rail as Vickie pulled Ziggler out of the way. The guys finally get back in the ring, where Ziggler is now in firm control of the action. Ziggler works over Kofi some, Kofi makes a false-comeback and Ziggler cuts him off. This happens once or twice until Ziggler slaps a choke on him to control his movements. Kofi eventually works back to his feet and breaks the hold, which enables him to use his quickness again. Kofi is a ball of fire and is already going for his finisher. No dice. A few quick nearfalls and Ziggler hits Kofi with a Rocker Dropper to slow things down. Spoke too soon. Kofi is firing up, again going for the Trouble In Paradise kick, but again comes short. Ziggler catches Kofi in a sleeper hold. 

The Nexus comes from out of nowhere and heads to the ring. They just beat down both Kingston and Ziggler. They toss Ziggler out of the ring and all surround Kingston in the ring. Kingston gives things his best shot, but the numbers game is too much and The Nexus are just destroying him. Each guy is hitting their finisher on him right now. Barrett has a mic. He says what they just did is only a taste of what’s in store for Team WWE later tonight. It doesn’t matter if they find a seventh member, because the roster is so fragmented that they can’t fight together as one to challenge the Nexus. He calls Nexus the most destructive force in WWE history. He wants everyone to know they’re either with Nexus or they’re against them.

Winner: No Contest

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Backstage: Edge & Jericho Look For Member #7, The Miz?

Backstage we see Chris Jericho and The Miz. Jericho doesn’t want to say it, but eventually does — that they need Miz on their team tonight because of his unique talents. Edge is in the picture now, saying Miz is the Money In The Bank winner, and he appreciates that, but tonight isn’t about that. Edge says tonight is about seizing the opportunity. Jericho and Edge try and persuade Miz a little more, trying now to sell Miz on how blockbuster of an announcement it would be. Miz thanks them but mentions how he isn’t sure he wants Nexus on his list of priorities right now. He says he’ll let them know as he walks off. Jericho and Edge ponder what his decision will be.

WWE Divas Title:

-Alicia Fox vs. Melina

Alicia Fox is out first. Melina is out next, and our WWE Divas title match is about to get started. The girls lock up, with Melina backing Fox into a corner. Fox works Melina to the mat with a headlock but Melina doesn’t take long before working back to her feet. Melina takes Fox down now. She puts her across the ropes and does her double-knee spot on the ropes. Melina seems to hurt her knee on a spot in the corner. She seems ok now, using it to kick Fox. Fox fights back and is focusing her attack on the arm of Melina now. Melina hits the double knees on Fox again and follows up this time with the big Facebuster. She gets the pinfall and we have a new champion.

Winner and NEW WWE Divas champion: Melina

After The Match: LayCool Attacks

Josh Mathews interviews Melina in the ring about her win. This doesn’t look like a set up to something at all lol. Wouldn’t ya know it, Melina didn’t get much of her victory speech out as she is interupted by LayCool. She tells Melina she looks good but then says she was lieing. They get next to her for a picture, to capture this historical moment where all three of them are champions. Melina pushes them, which leads to a LayCool beatdown. Fox attempts to make a save, but LayCool throws her to the floor. They throw Melina to the floor now. They have Melina’s head next to the announce table on the floor. McCool kicks Melina’s head into the table and leaves her laying.

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Handicap Match:

-Big Show vs. CM Punk & The Straight Edge Society

The video highlight package is airing now, as our 3-on-1 handicap match is up next. The Straight Edge Society is making their way to the ring now, along with CM Punk, who is wearing a shirt that reads "I Broke Big Show’s Hand!" The Big Show finally makes his way to the ring, and he has a big smile on his face, despite a heavily bandaged right hand. Our handicap match is officially underway! When the bell rings, Big Show has the ringside trainer cut the bandages off his hand, revealing that it’s fine. Mercury is gonna attempt to start things off with Show. Show throws him around like a ragdoll. Gallows is in now, same deal, he’s thrown around. Punk tries to regroup his guys now on the outside. Gallows and Mercury return to the ring for a double-team attempted attack, but no dice. Show fights the guys off and begins manhandling them again. He beats them down and throws them back to the floor. It’s all Big Show here early, as one would expect. Punk finally gets in the ring, but he has the same fate. A big, loud chop to the chest later and Punk rolls to the floor to get the hell away. Show follows him to the floor. Punk hits Show in the throat and attempts to stomp on his hand. Show hits the ringside steps with his hand himself, while attempting a big punch to Punk. That one hurt him. The SES use this advantage to triple team Show and soften him up. The action is back in the ring and Gallows is going to work on his hands. He hits a big splash on Show. Mercury and Gallows come off the top with elbow drops, as Punk follows up behind them with a leg-drop for good measure. Show finally makes his comeback and is clearing house now. He stacks Mercury and Gallows on top of each other and tries for a pin. Meanwhile, Punk is walking up the ramp, leaving the SES to be used as sacrificial lambs. Back in the ring, Show pins both Mercury and Gallows simaltaneously and gets the victory.

Winner: Big Show

Backstage: Sheamus Tries To Make Deal w/ Kane

Some somber sounding music is playing as we shoot backstage. We see Kane. He says tonight, he’s going to shut Mysterio in the casket and end his existance. The camera adjusts and we see Sheamus standing there. Kane asks what Sheamus wants. Sheamus tells Kane the casket is too big for Mysterio but it’s perfect for who he needs it for. Kane tells him he can’t have it. Sheamus tells Kane that’s too bad because as a unit they could be unstoppable. He tells Kane he’s going to take his nickname "Big Red Monster" instead. Sheamus says he’s the REAL Big Red Monster. Kane snickers and tells Sheamus he’s got guts …..guts that will be spilt on the floor if you interupt again. Kane stares off in the background as the segment fades off.

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In-Ring: The Miz’s Answer To Jericho/Edge’s Offer

As the hype package for this match finishes, Miz’s music hits instead. He comes out and talks about Jericho/Edge’s offer from earlier tonight. He asks the crowd if he should join Team WWE. The crowd is mixed in their response. He brags about Bret Hart and John Cena wanting him to be on their teams last week. Miz calls this decision a bigger one than LeBron James had to make this year. He says he accepts their offer and will lead Team WWE to victory. He’s talking like he’s the new leader for the team, instead of a regular member. A few drawn-out "I’m awesome(s)" later and Miz is headed to the back.

WWE Title:

-Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

Bell rings and match begins. Early in the match Sheamus is able to get Orton backed into a corner. Sheamus has the early lead but with an arrogant chest pound the match quickly turns around as Orton gets the upper hand. Orton continuously takes Shameaus back down with clothes lines and foot stomps. Sheamus gets out of the ring but Orton follows him out and puts him through the announcers table. Orton beats Sheamus back into the ring before the 10 count. Orton stomps Sheamus for a little while but Sheamus rolls out of the ring to safety with Orton following closely behind. Sheamus slams Orton into a barracade. Sheamus tries once again to throw Orton through the barricade but Orton reverses and sends Sheamus shoulder first into the barricade. Sheamus goes for two covers to no avail, Orton kicking out by the count of two. Orton gets a back body drop on Sheamus but both men are down. Sheamus brings a chair into the ring with the ref grabbing it seconds before hitting Orton. Sheamus then fights the ref for the chair accidentally hitting the ref out of the ring. Ref calls for the bell, match ends. Outside of the ring Orton gets an RKO on Sheamus but the table doesn’t break leaving Orton looking angry.

Winner via DQ: Randy Orton  (but still champion, Sheamus)

World Heavyweight Championship:

-Kane vs. Rey Mysterio

A recap of the events leading up to the match plays on the screen. Mysterio’s music hits as Mysterio comes down to the ring. Out next is Kane as his music and pyro hits the stadium, Kane is pushing a casket. Kane enters the ring, bell rings, match begins. Kane goes after Mysterio, Mysterio quickly kicks Kane in the leg, moving away. Kane gets Mysterio in the corner and begins pounding on him. Kane throws Mysterio out of the ring, Mysterio landing on his feet. Mysterio gets back in the ring, Kane attempting to follow him back in the ring, Mysterio slide kicks Kane knocking him to the floor. Both men make their way back into the ring, Kane attempting to pin Mysterio with a two-count.

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Match continues with Mysterio able to get out of Kane’s bear hug. Rey is able to fight off Kane, with two failed attempts at a 619. Mid-match now as Kane grabs a mic, telling Mysterio that he had vowed to make Mysterio pay for hurting Kane’s brother. Mysterio opens the casket next to the ring, no one inside. After Kane attacks Mysterio by the casket, once again Mysterio opens the casket and Undertaker appears. Kane looks dumbfounded at Undertaker as he sits up in the casket. Undertaker enters the ring with a confused Kane pointing at Mysterio. Undertaker walks up to Mysterio asking why Mysterio did it. Mysterio explains briefly with Undertaker saying he believes him before choking him and lifting him into the air. Undertaker puts Mysterio back on his feet and looks to Kane. Undertaker points at Kane and both grab each other around the neck. Kane overpowers Undertaker getting him with a tombstone pile driver. Undertaker laying lifelessly as Kane’s pyro and music hits, we see Kane starring down at his brother.

Winner: no contest

7-on-7 Elimination Match:

-Team Nexus vs. Team WWE

Nexus comes to the ring first. Out next is John Cena as his music hits. Edge follows out to the ring next. The rest of Team WWE comes to the ring. As originally guessed The Miz is supposed to come out but John Cena grabs the mic saying they found someone else for the match and it’s Daniel Bryan. A brawl breaks out between Nexus and Team WWE with Team WWE throwing all of Nexus out of the ring. Bryan and Young start the match off with Bryan quickly throwing Young out of the ring. Darren Young is eliminated. Jericho tags in Truth. Gabriel tags out to Tarver. Truth avoids Tarver by tagging out to Morrison. Sheffield takes on Morrison next. Morrison takes the upper hand at first, Sheffield puts Morrison in a corner. Sheffield gets the three count on Morrison. Morrison is eliminated. R-Truth is in next. Sheffield clotheslines R-Truth getting the three count. R-Truth is eliminated. Jericho is back in the ring but gets attacked by Barrett. Jericho makes it to his corner and Bret Hart gets the tag. Someone tosses a chair into the ring and Hart uses it getting DQ’d. Hart is eliminated. Jericho gets back into the ring and hits a codebreaker on Sheffield then tags in Edge. Edge spears Sheffield. Edge pins Sheffield. Sheffield is eliminated leaving the score 4 to 4. Barrett and Edge are in the ring. Edge soon tags in Jericho and Barrett tags in Otunga. Jericho puts Otunga in the walls of jericho causing Otunga to tap. Otunga is eliminated. Edge and Cena try to get in the ring at the same time fighting over who is going in. After a rollup Edge is eliminated. Edge sends Cena off the side of the ring and Jericho attacks him on the outside. Cena is rolled back into the ring, facing off against Slater who then tags in Barrett, Gabriel then tags in attacking Cena. Slater then tags in preventing Cena from tagging in Bryan. Cena charges both men with a double clothesline. Slater is in the ring and Bryan forces him to tap. Slater is eliminated. The Miz comes from the back and hits Bryan with his briefcase, Barrett steals the victory. Bryan is eliminated. Now Gabriel and Cena are in the ring with Cena getting the upper hand. Cena gets a quick cover on Gabriel with a three count Gabriel is eliminated. Barrett comes in and is quickly hit with an STF, Barrett taps out. 

Winner: Team WWE

Soul Survivor: John Cena

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