WWE RAW Results (8/16) – Nexus Remains Strong, SS Fallout

Justin Gabriel vs Bret Hart is scheduled to be next but before the match starts Cole gets another email and this one says Bret Hart won’t be competing tonight, because the GM doesn’t like Bret, he won’t compete on RAW tonight and he doesn’t care what the audience thinks. Gabriel’s new opponent is on his way to the ring and it is… Randy Orton!

Justin Gabriel vs Randy Orton

Gabriel shoves Orton and works him back into the corner and then they stand off before Gabriel floats over Orton and kicks him in the legs. Orton kicks him in the stomach and clotheslines him then hits a powerslam and Orton is getting fired up now. He hits the DDT on the ropes, then starts pounding the mat to set up the RKO, but Sheamus makes his way to the ring. Orton gets out of the ring and they start fighting in the audience, and Orton gets counted out because of the distraction.

After the ref rings the bell he RKO’s Gabriel and then unloads on Sheamus with a chair until referees come out and make him leave the area. Orton turns around and runs around the ring to Sheamus and RKO’s him as he gets up and pounds the announcer’s table and he looks at the damage around the ring.

Winner (by Countout) – Justin Gabriel

Skip Sheffield & David Otunga vs John Morrison & R-Truth

Morrison hits a side Russian leg sweep on Otunga and tags in Truth who hits a top rope leg drop for a near fall. Skip whips Truth into the corner then hits a front powerslam and tags in Otunga, but Truth hits a reverse STO to counter and both men on down on the mat. Morrison tags in and unloads on Skip and Otunga, but misses the blind tag by Skip and he gets hit with a hard lariat and Nexus wins another match.

Winners – Skip Sheffield & David Otunga