WWE Hell In A Cell PPV Results (October 3, 2010)

WWE Hell In A Cell

October 3, 2010

Results by Matt Boone for WrestleZone.com

WWE Hell In A Cell PPV Opener:

The fans in the American Airlines Arena in Dallas are alive and kicking as the PPV announce team welcomes us to WWE Hell In A Cell 2010, following the typical bad-ass video package intro. And our show is now officially underway!

United States Championship:

(Submissions Count Anywhere)

-Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz vs. John Morrison

Miz gets on the mic and says he is the mentor of both Daniel Bryan and John Morrison. He says he never tapped out. Match is underway. Early on, Morrison is thrown to the floor, where he remains for a bit, allowing Bryan and Miz some one-on-one time in the ring. A few minutes in, all three guys brawled their way into the audience of Dallas fans. Miz slams Morrison onto the steel guardrail, and follows it up by ramming Bryan through another guardrail. Up near the stage, Miz attempts to slam a crate into Morrison. Morrison blocks it with his foot and counters, leaping over it and nailing Miz. Moments later, Miz recovers and hits a Skull Crushing Finale on Morrison on the floor. Next up is a one-on-one brawl with Miz and Daniel Bryan on the stage. Both guys go for submissions at times, but neither can finish the job. Morrison is climbing the site, and doing so pretty fast. Morrison is up onto the lighting deck and dives off it onto both Miz and Bryan on the stage. Crowd pops huge for that. Morrison applies a Texas Cloverleaf on Miz. Out of nowhere, Alex Riley comes out and breaks things up. Bryan is up now and rams Riley into a camera, knocking him off the stage completely. Bryan secures his LeBell Lock on Miz on the stage. Miz taps. Crowd goes nuts.

Winner and STILL United States Champion: Daniel Bryan

Legendary Trailer:

A trailer for the new WWE Films project "Legendary," starring John Cena, airs between matches.

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WWE Championship:

(Hell In A Cell)

-Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

Video package airs, showcasing the history of the Orton-Sheamus feud. Our WWE Championship match, and first Hell In A Cell match of the night, is getting underway now. Both guys go at it immediately. Orton clotheslines Sheamus into the cage on the floor outside the ring. Sheamus returns favor by whipping Orton back-first into the cell. Sheamus is grabbing the ringside steps to use as a weapon. Orton stops the attempt and winds up nailing Sheamus with the ringside steps himself. Back in the ring, Sheamus hits a huge shoulder-block on Orton, blasting him into the cell. Sheamus attempts a pinfall, but only gets two. Sheamus removes the top turnbuckle padding, exposing the steel from within it. He misses an attempt to slam Orton into it face-first. Turnbuckle padding remains off as the match moves away from that particular corner of the ring. Orton ends up dodging a Sheamus attack, resulting in Sheamus slamming himself into the exposed steel in the ringside corner. Later on, the ringside steps come into play again, this time with Orton hitting a sweet snap-slam on Sheamus onto the steps which were placed in the middle of the ring. Sheamus focusing his attack on the ribs of Orton, which he is beginning to sell big now. Add shoulder to the list. Orton selling the shoulder now, while the announcers remind everyone of his past problems. Sheamus hits the Brough Kick and almost gets the win off of that, but Orton managed to kick out at 2 1/2. Sheamus goes to the floor and pulls a chair out from under the ring. Sheamus nails Orton across the back with the chair repeatedly, setting up another nearfall. Out of nowhere, Orton hits the RKO on Sheamus. Orton goes for the punt kick, but Sheamus avoids it and counters with the Brough Kick. Sheamus goes for the pin but Orton again manages to kick out at 2 1/2. Crowd popped big for that, as they begin to rally behind Orton. Orton avoids a Sheamus attack and hits an RKO out of nowhere for the clean pin. And it’s over that sudden.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Randy Orton

WWE Bragging Rights Preview:

A commercial for the upcoming WWE "Bragging Rights" pay-per view aired. The Raw vs Smackdown theme was hyped, along with Wade Barrett delivering the "Nexus or against us" routine.

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Nexus Talks About John Cena

Backstage, Josh Matthews attempts the interview the cast of NXT season three. Nexus comes in and scares them away however. Wade Barrett says there’s something in the air tonight. He promises John Cena will be with them after tonight, and showed off the Nexus armband they plan on giving Cena on Raw tomorrow night.

In-Ring Segment: Albert Del Rio, Edge & Jack Swagger

Albert Del Rio comes to the ring in street clothes. He gets on the mic and says this is his PPV debut and he wants to make it special. He shows a shot of the dog he had in the Rey Mysterio mask on Smackdown. He says he’s richer than Mark Cuban and more handsome than Tony Romo. He tells the crowd he is better than they are. Edge’s music hits and out he comes. He mentions that he’s not here to defend Mysterio, Texas or Christian, he’s here to fight against stupidity. He says Del Rio’s dog mask is stupid. Del Rio and Edge square off, but are interupted by Jack Swagger’s theme music. Swagger complains that Edge roughed up his mascot on Smackdown. Edge says he’ll pay for the mascot’s medical bills. Edge attacks Swagger, but Swagger and Del Rio team up and begin the two-on-one beatdown of Edge. The anonymous general manager chime sounds. Michael Cole announces that Edge must apologize to the general manager on Raw tomorrow night. He also must face Jack Swagger tonight. This leads us to our next match.

Edge vs. Jack Swagger

Early on, Swagger is bleeding from the mouth from an Edge attack. Edge sends Swagger to the floor. From the floor, Swagger grabs Edge by the leg and attempts an ankle lock from the floor. Edge ultimately escapes and flips Swagger into the ringside steps in the process. Crowd dug that. Edge goes to the top rope, but Swagger quickly leaps to the top rope and suplexes him down below, ala Kurt Angle. Swagger attempts a Swagger Bomb, but Edge blocks with a kick to the gut. He follows up with a DDT and a big spear. One more spear shortly thereafter and Edge secures the pinfall for the victory.

Winner: Edge

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David Otunga Talks To Nexus About Secret Plan

Backstage, David Otunga is telling the rest of Nexus about a plan he has that he hasn’t cleared with Wade Barrett. He promises it (his plan) won’t get them disqualified, as their interference could cost Barrett the bout. They don’t seem keen on the idea.

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett

For those unaware, the rules state that Nexus must disband if Barrett loses. If he wins, John Cena must join Nexus. Cena and Barrett are both in the ring, and this match with big repercussions is underway. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment early on, but the rest of Nexus hit the ringside area to distract him, allowing Barrett to escape and nail Cena. Barrett goes out to yell at the rest of Nexus. He reminds them who is in charge. Barrett back in the ring now, in firm control of the action. Cena begins making a comeback as Nexus surrounds the ring during the set up of his Five Knuckle Shuffle. Before you know it, out comes Big Show, MVP, Daniel Bryan, the Hart Dynasty, Dolph Ziggler, John Morrison, Goldust, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne and Chris Masters. All of the WWE guys rough up four of the Nexus wrestlers, chasing them off as Cena smiles in the ring. The WWE guys head backstage. Cena signals to Barrett that it’s "one-on-one" now and smiles big. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Barrett escapes and hits a suplex. Both guys fight on the top rope before Barrett is knocked off. Cena follows in with a leg drop off the top. Cena again goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Barrett again avoids it and hits his own finisher. He attempts a pin there, but Cena kicks out. Out of nowhere, Cena finally hits the Attitude Adjustment. He goes for the pin but Barrett manages to kick out at 2 1/2. Cena locks in the STF when a "fan" (maybe Michael McGillicutty) enters the ring, distracting both Cena and the ref. Another "fan" (maybe Husky Harris) hits the ring and nails Cena with a lead pipe. Barrett makes the cover and gets the three count. Wade Barrett wins.

Winner: Wade Barrett

After The Match:

After the match, the rest of Nexus comes out to celebrate with Barrett while Cena laid in the ring. Nexus heads to the stage, stopping to look back at Cena in the ring with smiles on their faces. As they make their way backstage, Cena is shown sitting in a corner in the ring with a discouraged look on his face. Fans are shown individually on-camera with stunned and depressed looks on their faces. Cena continues to look on in disbelief before slowly walking to the back. He stops at one point and rubs a small kid on the head. Good stuff.

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Josh Matthews Interviews Paul Bearer

Backstage, Josh Matthews is shown walking in a dark hallway. Paul Bearer appears and says that Kane might be the devil’s favorite demon, but he’ll never be the father of destruction’s favorite son.

Unified Divas Title:

-Michelle McCool vs. Natalya

McCool is accompanied by Layla. Natalya is out now and this one is getting started. Natalya had the match won at one point, but Layla stood on the ring apron to break up the pinfall count. As Natalya continued her assault of McCool, Layla again manages to interfere during a finish attempt, distracting the ref. Out of nowhere, Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter on McCool. Layla goes to interfere again. This time the ref disqualifies McCool. Pretty quick match, thank god.

Winner via Disqualification: Natalya

Kane-Undertaker Coming Up

They are hyping up the Kane vs. Undertaker match with a video package now.

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World Heavyweight Championship:

(Hell In A Cell)

-Kane vs. The Undertaker

As he was entering the Hell In A Cell structure, Undertaker was attacked by Kane. No dramatic in-ring introductions for this main event, as these two are duking it out now. Both guys fight outside the ring on the floor, where Kane attacks Taker’s knee with a chair. Kane slams Taker’s knee with the heavy ringside steps. Kane continues to work over the left knee of Taker, as the two work their way back inside the squared-circle. Kane suffered a cut on the top of his head, which was bleeding on camera a bit. Kane continues the assault of Taker’s leg as the action resumes. Taker and Kane exchange punches, with the crowd "boo’ing" and popping for Kane and Taker, respectively. Taker hits his infamous diving clothesline off the ropes. Taker goes for Old School but Kane yanks Taker down, hurting his knee in the process, the same knee he’s been working on the majority of the contest. Kane hits a top-rope clothesline of Taker. Taker slaps on Hell’s Gate out of nowhere, but Kane ultimately breaks the hold by falling to the floor at ringside. When the action resumes in the ring, both Taker and Kane land a simaltaneous big boot to the other. Taker hits a Chokeslam on Kane. Paul Bearer is heard freaking out at ringside. Kane avoids the pin. Taker hits a Last Ride on Kane for a nearfall. Taker goes for the Tombstone, but Kane counters and hits a Tombstone of his own. Taker kicks out of a pin attempt. Kane hits the referee out of nowhere, dropping him. Paul Bearer enters the ring. Kane looks at Bearer and decides to go after him. Bearer runs as Kane chases him around. As Kane nears getting his hands on Bearer, Taker does his infamous sit-up and chokeslams Kane. Taker does his throat-slicing gesture and a bunch of lightning flashed and struck in the arena. Taker picks Kane up for the Tombstone. During this, Paul Bearer opens the urn up and flashes a light into the eyes of Taker, who releases the hold. Bearer stands between Kane and Taker. Bearer eventually hands Kane the urn and Kane uses it to blast Taker with. Kane follows up with a Chokeslam and pins Taker, 1-2-3.

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Kane

After The Match:

After the match, Kane and Paul Bearer leave the ring together. Bearer held open the urn in front of his face as the glowing light shined while they stood on the stage. The light shines, they look on at Taker laid out in the ring, and the show fades off on that note.