WWE RAW Results (10/25) – New Tag Champs, Another Upset

Toby Keith comes out with the Bellas as the guest ring announcer for the next match. He puts over Green Bay, and says he called a pilot so he could get to RAW to have a good time. He brings out Sheamus first, then says he has a new buddy and introduces Santino to the crowd. Santino looks scared and Toby gives him a quick pep talk, so Santino is ready to go.

Sheamus vs Santino

Sheamus clotheslines Santino then repeatedly knees him in the midsection before the ref pulls him off. Sheamus sets up for the Brogue Kick but Santino falls down and avoids it, then Sheamus screams at him to get up like a man. John Morrison runs out and tries to help Santino, and tells Sheamus to stop because Santino is not OK. Santino falls down again and Sheamus puts him in the corner and tells Morrison to watch what happens. Santino misses getting hit with the Brogue Kick again, and rolls up Sheamus for the shocking upset win!

Sheamus flips out in the ring as Morrison helps Santino up the ramp, then Santino regains his senses and starts dancing on the ramp and air trumpeting up and down!

Winner – Santino

Back in the Nexus locker room Otunga asks for a word with Barrett, and says he didn’t just take away the Tag Team Titles, he made him lay down and humiliated him. Otunga says Wade couldn’t get it done last night, so he wanted to take the focus off of himself. Otunga says he is pissed off, and he might decide to tell everyone why they really attacked the Undertaker. Barrett says he takes that into consideration, and introduces the newest members of Nexus, Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty. He says they are stronger than ever, and can end the career of anyone they want. Barrett asks Otunga which side he is on, and Otunga says he is Nexus.