WWE RAW Results (10/25) – New Tag Champs, Another Upset

WWE RAW Results


By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

RAW Opener:

Nexus starts off the show and Otunga is showing off his new Tag Title while John Cena follows him out and does not look too happy. Barrett says thank you and introduces each member, then tells Cena to get in line and introduces him. He says they did the unthinkable, and Nexus buried the Undertaker last night at Bragging Rights, and says people are probably wondering why they helped Kane. He says that is for them to know, but they have their reasons, and Barrett brings up his match with Orton. He tells Cena to explain what happened, and he complies, then Barrett tells his version of what happened. Cena says he won the match, and Barrett says everything must be fine, but Cena hasn’t gotten himself fired… yet.

Cole gets an email and it says Barrett won the match, so he is entitled to a future rematch, but there will be a special guest referee to keep order. The winner of tonight’s main event will choose the referee, and it will be between Randy Orton and any member of Nexus. Barrett chooses John Cena, then Otunga says they have unfinished business. He says Cena attacked him and is clearly against Nexus, so he should be fired right now on principle. Barrett says he is right, and they can’t exist together, so they will have a tag title match against Slater and Gabriel right now! 

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

John Cena & David Otunga vs Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

Before the match gets underway, Barrett says they don’t fight each other, and says someone has to do the right thing. He tells Otunga to lay down, and Otunga argues with him about it, before finally laying down at letting Slater pin him. Cena walks up the ramp and is pissed off as Slater and Gabriel celebrate in the ring in front of an upset Otunga.  

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions – Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel