TNA Genesis Results – January 9, 2011

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TNA Genesis

January 9, 2010

Results by Matt Boone for

TNA Genesis PPV Opener:

The TNA Genesis PPV opens live from Orlando, Florida with a video package that focuses on the Mr. Anderson vs. Matt Morgan match with both men claiming that they will be the next TNA Champion. It switches to a camera shot of Mike Tenay and Taz as they are commenting on the arena and tonight’s events as the first match is being set up.

X Division Title

Jay Lethal vs. Kazarian

Out first to the ring as his music blares at The Impact Zone at Universal Studios is Kazarian, followed by Jay Lethal. As Lethal makes his way to the ring Taz comments that Eric Bischoff has made a personal guarantee that Immortal will soon possess every single title in the company. The bell rings and the match begins. Lethal takes the early lead in the match, blocking a move while both men are on the top rope and hits a powerbomb for an early near fall. Lethal regains momentum and comes back with the Lethal Combination, to no avail as Kazarian kicks out. Lethal seems quite frustrated as Kazarian won’t seem to stay down. Kazarian regains control of the match with a slingshot into a DDT. Kazarian covers Lethal for the pin and uses the ropes to hold him down, Lethal is still able to break free before the three count. Fast forward through much back and forth with both men, Kazarian goes for a reverse tombstone piledriver off the ropes, knocking Lethal down. Kazarian then hits a reverse tombstone successfully for the pin.

Winner: Kazarian

Between Matches

Taz and Mike Tenay are speaking ringsing about the number one contender match. Taz asks Mike whether he believes Immortal would rather see Morgan or Anderson win the match in order to win the rights to face off against Jeff Hardy.

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