Muhammad Hassan Talks Controversial Release & More

Former WWE superstar, Muhammad Hassan (real name Marc Copani) speaks out in-depth for the first time in six years since his controversial release from the company in 2005.  In a great interview with Slam! Wrestling, hear Copani talk openly about the release, what he’s been doing since leaving the company and why he’s taken so long to finally speak out.  The following is an excerpt:

"On an episode of Smackdown taped on the fourth of July, 2005, Daivari faced The Undertaker in a prelude to the match scheduled between Hassan and The Undertaker at the upcoming Great American Bash.

When Undertaker handily demolished Daivari, Hassan "prayed" at ringside to summon five men wearing ski masks and camouflage fatigues, who choked the Undertaker with piano wire, allowing Hassan to apply the camel clutch.

Though recorded on a Tuesday, the episode aired the following Friday — just hours after the terrorist bombings in London, England.

The segment was lambasted by critics, with commentators in the New York Post, Variety and other mainstream publications saying that WWE had sunk to an all-time low in search of ratings.

In a response that aired only on the WWE website, Hassan fought back, publicly admonishing New York Post writer Don Kaplan for assuming the thugs in ski masks were Arab terrorists (they were actually white guys, for the record).

"I went out there with the article in my hand. That was 100 percent ad lib on my part," Copani recalled. "(Kaplan) had made assumptions that were false, and I called him on it. That was one of my better interviews. Sadly, it was also my last one."

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