Finn Balor: I Have Unfinished Business With The Universal Championship, It’s Why I’m Back On SmackDown

Finn Balor has unfinished business with the Universal Championship, and it’s one of the reasons he’s back on SmackDown.

Finn Balor was a guest on WWE’s The Bump and was asked about his goals for his return to Friday nights. After he returned to SmackDown last week, Finn Balor told Kayla Braxton that he was back for “championships” and listed his accomplishments on each WWE brand. Speaking on Talking Smack on Wednesday, Balor was asked who he has his immediate sights. Balor said he’s got a connection with the Intercontinental Championship, but now he feels like there’s something else he needs to accomplish with Team Blue’s top title.

“Obviously myself and the Intercontinental Championship have had a lot of association more recently, but I think, me personally, I have a lot of unfinished business with the Universal Championship. It’s something that gets brought up all of the time. ‘What if you had not got hurt?’ or ‘What if things had been different?’, and for me it was the journey and what made me the man that I am today, I’m very grateful for how it turned out and wouldn’t change it,” Balor explained, “but there’s still something, I feel, that has to be revisited with the Universal Championship and that’s why I’m back on SmackDown.”

Asked if he’s thought about going after the tag titles, Balor said it’s not something he considered at all. They noted that Samoa Joe is a little busy right now in NXT, but Balor said he’s good friends with Kevin Owens and if he wanted to step up, that’s a team he’d entertain creating.

Asked if he was specifically targeting Sami Zayn last week, Balor joked that everybody wants to target Sami Zayn recently. Adding that it was “a case of right place, wrong time,” Balor went on to say he has respect for Sami but he’s been talking more than usual, and he’s a man of few words so it was just happenstance.

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