Westin Blake Reveals Original Name For Forgotten Sons

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Photo Credit: WWE

Westin Blake‘s (the former Wesley Blake) WWE 90-day non-compete clause expired last week, but we are still learning about his time within the company before his next adventure begins.

Westin Blake was the latest guest on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet to discuss his WWE career and what he’s planning to do next. When asked about the time he spent in WWE, Blake says he has nothing but great memories there:

“Looking back I have nothing but great memories there,” Westin Blake said. “I felt like I was able to evolve with NXT as well from when I started in 2013 to where it is now. Winning the NXT Tag Titles with Buddy Murphy was one of the highlights. Getting with Steve [Cutler] and pitching The Forgotten Sons, that was another proud moment where we gave them something as an idea and they ran with it. Meeting my wife there and getting to start a life with her. Getting to travel and wrestle in places that I never thought I would be able to travel to. I got to wrestle in Paris in a circus tent, little stuff like that. Of course all of the friendships you get to make.”

Beyond the Blake and Murphy tag team, Westin Blake will probably be best remembered in WWE as a member of the Forgotten Sons. But Blake revealed to Chris Van Vliet that there were other pitched names for the faction before they settled on The Forgotten Sons:

“When we first pitched the name we wanted to use Prisoners of Society or Prisoners of the System,” Westin Blake revealed. “We wanted to be these 2 guys who felt like we did everything right in life, but nothing was given to us. So we were going to take it by any means necessary. We pitched that but they didn’t like the Prisoners of the System. They thought that the name would bring NXT in a bad light. We then started pitching other names and The Forgotten Sons is what stuck. We were happy that they liked it so well.”

Westin Blake also spoke with WrestleZone about the ‘Prisoner Of Society’ moniker, explaining that it’s something he’s exploring as a solo act now. Blake explained the meaning of the phrase and how he thinks people will relate to it moving forward.

“I’ve always wanted to call myself a prisoner of society. And the words of that were it’s like you do the right thing and you follow your dreams and you kind of do all that,” Blake explained, “but you just kind of keep coming up short. And it was just something that came to my mind where I feel like people could relate to and people could either share frustrations about it or I can turn it around and I could also show the good out of it as well. And that’s kind of where I want to get character-wise, just kind of where you can be true to yourself in a sense and then also show different levels to where, whether it be wrestling or character-wise as well.”

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What do you think of the original pitched names for The Forgotten Sons? Do you think either of them would have been a better choice? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.