WWE NXT Results (7/20/21)

WWE NXT ResultsWWE NXT Results

July 20, 2021

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In-Ring Segment: Samoa Joe

Joe says he’s here to smash Karrion Kross’ clock. Regal power walks down to the ring and tells Joe this is not what he had in mind when he brought him back. Joe says last week Kross provoked him. Regal has no control over Kross. Joe is going to put him down. Regal had no idea that Kross made a trip to RAW this week. Regal tells Joe to end this peacefully. Regal adds that Kross is on his way to the arena and tonight will not descend into chaos. Joe says he respects Regal but he can’t promise this ends peacefully. Joe does promise by the end of the night, someone’s going to sleep.

As Diamond Mine is making their way to the ring, Bobby Fish and Kushida attack them from behind.

Diamond Mine vs. Bobby Fish and Kushida

The match started during the break. Fish is working over Strong. Kushida and Fish double team Strong. Kushida works over Strong’s arm. Strong manages to tag in Rust. Rust and Fish trade shots. Fish hits a senton for a near fall. Strong tags back in. Kushida tries a running arm breaker but Strong reverses it into a backbreaker. Rust and Strong take turns working over Kushida. Kushida manages to tag in Fish. Fish clears the ring. After the break, Strong and Rust double team Fish. Kushida gets the hot tag and lands an arm breaker on Strong. Strong tags in Rust, who rolls Kushida into an ankle lock. Kushida escapes and lands a few strikes. Flipping suplex by Rust. Fish breaks up the pin. Kushida locks Rust in the Hoverboard Lock. Rust taps out.

Winners- Bobby Fish and Kushida

Backstage, Drake Maverick gets into an argument with LA Knight after trying to help Cameron Grimes with Knight bags.

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