Charlotte Flair Beats Rhea Ripley, Wins WWE RAW Women’s Title At WWE Money In The Bank

Charlotte Flair MITB

Image Credit: WWE

Long reign “The Queen,” as Charlotte Flair has regained the WWE RAW Women’s Championship.

Rhea Ripley defended the WWE RAW Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair at WWE Money in the Bank. Right away, the live crowd made its presence known by chanting, “We Want Becky,” hoping for an appearance from Becky Lynch. In response, “The Queen” flipped the fans off. The match was just as chippy, as Flair and Ripley took the fight to each other with some bitter aggression.

The enemies had each other scouted at any given moment, due to their previous encounters. But an impressive suplex allowed Ripley to take control. A nasty Irish whip sent the champion to the outside, and Flair seized the advantage with her signature moonsault to the outside.

Later in the match, Flair countered the Riptide into a DDT for a near fall. The two rivals traded blows, and a stiff back elbow rocked Ripley. Flair tried to put her feet on the ropes during the pin attempt, but the referee stoped her. This distraction let Ripley rally with some strikes, but a diving Natural Selection nearly put her away. Flair then bashed Ripley’s head off the ring post and kicked her leg while it was trapped in the steel steps. With Ripley’s leg weakened, she had no choice but to tap out to the Figure-Eight.

With the win, Flair won her 11th singles title on the main roster. Including her two reigns as the NXT Women’s Champion, she is a 13-time champion.

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