Liv Morgan Gets Emotional When Talking About MITB Opportunity

Liv Morgan in WWE

Image Credit: WWE  

Liv Morgan has been fighting for a spot in the upcoming Money in the Bank Ladder Match for nearly two months, and after finally getting her request granted last week, Morgan spoke yesterday on Friday Night SmackDown about the opportunity.

When asked how she felt about being one of the lucky members of SmackDown to compete in the upcoming match, Morgan said that being “lucky” had nothing to do with it. To her, it was working and fighting “week after week after week” to earn the opportunity. With the live crowd of SmackDown cheering her on, Morgan went on to emotionally declare how ready she was to step into the ring and grab the Money in the Bank briefcase.

As she spoke about her chance, the crowd began to chant “You Deserve This!” at Morgan, who thanked them before saying that at Money in the Bank, the WWE Universe will “finally and fully” watch her.

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