Sami Callahan Touts Role In ‘Footloose,’ Public Speaking As Things That Aided Him In Becoming A Great Wrestler

Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Sometimes you get inspiration from the oddest places, but Sami Callihan says it was all part of his journey to professional wrestling.

IMPACT Wrestling star Sami Callihan recently spoke with Metro UK and discussed how his role in the musical ‘Footloose’ was all part of a career ‘master plan’ for his rise to stardom in professional wrestling.

“Everything I did in my childhood was to lead me to having a professional wrestling career. I put all my eggs in that basket!

“I got into amateur wrestling at a young age, thought it would help me in professional wrestling. I got into musicals and drama, thought it would help me professional wrestling. I got into public speaking, because I thought it would help me in professional wrestling. I got into debate to help me in professional wrestling. Everything I did as a child was my growing point and my college to becoming one of the best professional wrestlers walking the planet today.

“Dude, I was Reverend Shaw in Footloose, I was in Brigadoon. There’s so many musical performances, as well as just straight-up theatre and drama that I did growing up. Anything I do, I’m not half-assing! I never half-ass. I wanna be the best at everything single I did, so even when I was in drama and theatre I was like, “Yo, I’m gonna be the best person in our school.’ That’s what I always try to be.”

Callihan challenges Kenny Omega for the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship this weekend during the main event of the promotion’s Slammiversary pay-per-view event.

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