Big E Says Drew McIntyre Is Probably The Favorite To Win MITB, But ‘All It Takes Is One Great Night’ To Get On Track

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Big E is entering his first Money in the Bank match on Sunday but he’s got plenty of experience in ladder matches, so he’s not worried about being out of his element.

During an appearance on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Big E said he’d probably pick Drew McIntyre as the favorite to win the match, noting that Drew’s been on a great run but it was unfortunate that it didn’t take place in front of a live crowd.

“If I had to pick a favorite, I’d say it’s probably Drew [McIntyre] right now. I think Drew, obviously, having had the run that he’s had during the pandemic. It’s a shame. He’s a guy who has really been humping during the pandemic and he has hadn’t the crowd there. I really expected at WrestleMania that that would be Drew’s moment in front of the people, but he succumbed to ‘The All Mighty’ Bobby Lashley. So I would say Drew. Drew’s been cookin’ lately,” he noted, “but I’m not worried.”

Big E said that despite picking a favorite, he’s still not worried about his own chances because he’s got experience in ladder matches, and Money In The Bank is a chance for anyone to get back on the right track.

“Like you said, this is my first Money in the Bank, but I’ve had tag team ladder matches. I’ve done this before. I’m not worried about anyone. But it’s cool to look around and see a great crop of talent. There’s a lot of talented dudes in this match who have qualified. Even a guy like Ricochet, man. I think the really cool thing with Money in the Bank is you can have no steam, all year long,” he explained, “you qualify for that match, you have that briefcase, and you’re in prime position. So, I think there’s a lot of guys who you might not think as World Champions right now, but all it takes is one great night. That’s all it really takes.”

Big E also agreed that a Money In The Bank win would definitely give him momentum, noting that he went through a rough patch after WrestleMania but it’s all forgotten with a win on Sunday.

“Yeah, for sure. I think, obviously, I felt like I was really in a good position through WrestleMania. Then after WrestleMania, for me, things have definitely slowed down. I definitely have some momentum to regain,” he noted, “and that’s my hope at Money in the Bank. All is forgiven when you have that briefcase. Everything else is forgotten about the last couple of months. So, that changes things.”

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