Edge On Seth Rollins’ Objections To His Title Shot: Win Money In The Bank, Cash-In And Quit Complaining


Photo Credit: WWE

Edge says Seth Rollins can get what he wants if he stops complaining and just puts the work in.

Edge was a guest on WWE’s The Bump and was asked about Roman Reigns’ title reign and how he’s been taking a “win at all costs” approach to it. Edge noting that he definitely understands Reigns’ actions, because he’s done it before and can take it to a new level as well.

“Well yeah, and I think you have to be that way, at least that’s always been my mindset. There’s a reason [I’m] the ‘Ultimate Opportunist,’ right? So if anyone is going to understand that mindset, it’s me. I’ve done some horrible things [laughs at Evan Mack yells ‘You sure have!’] If anyone can appreciate it, it’s me, but if anyone can also take it one step further,” he noted, “it’s me. All you’ve got to do is ask the Undertakers and the John Cenas of the world about that.”

The panel then brought up the fact that Seth Rollins wasn’t too happy about Edge “jumping the line” to get a title shot, whereas he felt that he should get that next opportunity. Rollins went on the June 26 episode of Talking Smack and ranted about being deserving of the match, but Edge said he just needs to stop complaining and take action.

“I think he needs his baby bottle. That is some whining there, but hey, cool. I appreciate that he thinks that, I do. Personally, I’m not going to go on a talk show and whine about it, I’m going to take my title shots, there’s a difference in mindset. You can sit there and complain all day long, or you could do something about it,” he explained, “and he finally did something about it. He qualified for the Money In The Bank, so win it, and then cash-in and quit complaining. I just happen to pull off robes better than he does.”

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