WWE Mentioning Daniel Bryan On TV Is ‘Not An Indication He’s Coming Back’

daniel bryan

Daniel Bryan‘s name has been mentioned a few times on WWE TV in recent weeks, but that’s not an indication that he’s coming back to TV anytime soon.

According to Dave Meltzer in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Daniel Bryan being mentioned on television is just a product of the current storyline between Roman Reigns and Edge, and not a sign that Bryan is on his way back. It was noted that no one really knows what Bryan’s future plans are, explaining that if he has made any kind of deals (with any company, not just WWE), it’s being kept secret until they want to announce something.

Bryan’s name has come up on WWE TV, using Bryan’s addition to the WrestleMania title program with Reigns and Edge as the reason Edge didn’t win the title at this year’s event in Tampa.

Bryan has not been seen on WWE TV since losing a “title versus career” match to Roman Reigns on the April 30 episode of SmackDown. It was later reported by Fightful that Bryan’s WWE contract expired after that match, with F4WOnline.com’s Dave Meltzer also confirming that WWE was “pushing hard for him to sign a new deal” after his original deal had run out. The phrasing of the Fightful stressed that there’s no clear indication that Bryan will stay in WWE or leave and go elsewhere, but it was confirmed that his most recent contract did expire.

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