Mike Bennett Proud Of Recent Run On Indies, Says Effy Is Setting The Blueprint On How To Be Successful

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The Watch List takes a look at what matches you should be watching while you’re at home and they come recommended by your favorite professional wrestling stars.

WrestleZone recently spoke with Mike Bennett, who has a shot at the ROH Pure Championship this weekend at Best In The World. Bennett said he’s making an effort to add more variation to his repertoire, and said it’s a nice change and a sign that he’s “walking the walk” when he says he’s changing things up.

“The matches that they can watch right away—I had a match with Tom Lawlor from Black Label Pro, it was one of my favorite first matches back on the indies. Then I had a match with a guy named Mysterious Q from Texas. It’s New Texas [Pro Wrestling] and they’re on YouTube, so go check them out. They are really different matches and a really different style than I am used to,” Bennett said. “I think those are the matches that people will watch and go, ‘Oh, he’s not just talking about it, he’s actually incorporating it into his matches and trying to do it.’ Those three are matches that I would definitely look out for.”

Bennett also mentioned his recent match against Effy for New South Pro Wrestling, then took some time to praise him for changing the game and setting the tone for how to be successful on the indies.

“That is another great one. I loved my match with EFFY. He’s another one that—if I can just have a minute to put him over, he’s essentially changing the game on how to be an independent wrestler. The way he goes about it, the way he talks about it, the things he does, he’s just—him and Danhausen, people need to follow them. If you’re a young wrestler and you’re trying to get over on the indies,” Bennett explained, “Effy and Danhausen are the two people [to follow]. They’ve used their social media to just get themselves over without having to sign to a major wrestling company and I think that’s awesome. I think the world of Effy and I think he’s incredibly talented. I think people should follow him and really, he’s setting the blueprint on how to be successful in independent wrestling.”

Check out some full-length matches from Mike Bennett’s career below, including the Mysterious Q match, as well as a four-way match featuring both Effy and Danhausen:

Mike Bennett vs Cole Radrick

New Wave Pro “Right Here, Right Now” — May 22nd, 2021

Mike Bennett vs. Ryan Davidson

Hurricane Pro — May 1, 2021

Mike Bennett vs. Mysterious Q

New Texas Pro Rodeo — April 24, 2021

Mike Bennett vs. Cam Cole 

Pale Pro — February 12, 2021

Orange Cassidy vs Danhausen vs Effy vs Dan The Dad

A1 Wrestling “Krush The Line” — December 15, 2019


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