‘Let’s All Calm Down’: Eddie Kingston Comments On His Post-AEW Dynamite Speech, The Good Nature Of Competition

eddie kingston

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Eddie Kingston’s after-show promo on AEW Dynamite caused some wrestling fans and talent alike to get a little riled up, but being a 90’s kid, the Mad King knows competition is the name of the game in the “one true sport.”

Eddie Kingston spoke with Dominic & Marcus DeAngelo on an upcoming episode of WrestleZone’s “2 Dynamite Dudes With Attitude” about the stir caused on Saturday evening when he addressed the “competition” after Dynamite went off the air.

“Let’s get this question out of the way,” Eddie stated to kick off the program. “Let’s all calm down. You think I’m going to go bury the locker room that I work for? No, plus I love our locker room. I love AEW. What do you want from me? They’re paying me! They’re putting me on national television after – it’ll be 20 years in October. Of course I’m gonna rah-rah AEW. Relax. Relax. I expect people from the other joint if they’re allowed to mention our names,” Kingston explained, “they’ll probably do the same thing cause you know what I mean? They want their home team to win. It’s just like the NFL or Major League Baseball, man. You wanna go with your home team, AEW’s my team. That’s my squad.”

As a die-hard Yankees, Giants and Knicks fan, Kingston knows how competition fuels excitement and there’s no better product to convey that than pro wrestling. That couldn’t have been better exemplified than the promotion Eddie was most in tune with growing up.

“Man, competition’s good. Watch pro wrestling. I don’t care. I grew up during days in the ’90s where you had guys in ECW calling out everybody. You had WCW doing everything they could to beat World Wrestling Federation at the time. They did too! It’s good! Competition’s good y’all! Because then everybody watches pro wrestling. When everybody watches it, for those who are into it for this, this happens [indicates making money]. I’m into it because I love it, I never want to do anything else, but anyway I digress cause I could keep talking, but for what happened, for the after-show,” Kingston said, “let everyone go home happy, people got butthurt and some didn’t, everyone relax. Let’s love it. Let’s love this. Let’s relax.”

Kingston shares plenty more in this interview including what he thinks of The Young Bucks’ new attitude, his past experience with MJF, donning those retro sports jerseys and the interesting backstories behind the rosaries he wears to the ring. The full interview will be available this coming Wednesday before Dynamite!

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone

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