Westin Blake On Potentially Working With (Or Against) Buddy Murphy Again: I Would Jump At It 110%

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Westin Blake would welcome the opportunity to work with Buddy Murphy again, whether it’s a Blake & Murphy reunion, or as an opponent.

Westin Blake (formerly Wesley Blake) recently spoke with WrestleZone about the next chapter in his wrestling career. Blake spent eight years in WWE before being released in April, much of that time spent teaming with Buddy Murphy and Steve Cutler through separate stints in NXT. Asked about Blake & Murphy’s lasting appeal and why the team still resonates with fans, Blake said they really just clicked because their real-life bond carried over seamlessly to what fans saw on air.

“I think it’s just me and Buddy’s chemistry with each other. We first met at a tryout in 2012 in FCW and then we both started NXT the very first day, July 8 of 2013 when the Performance Center opened. And we just, we had a friendship. Of course, him being from Australia and another country, he was trying to make friends,” Blake explained, “trying to have a friendship that he could last with, and we just kicked it off. We would go out to eat, we shared the same passion, we shared the same drive of wanting to produce the best product that we can for ourselves and stuff. And I think that’s just something that me and Murphy definitely shared and I think it resonated with people. I mean, when we went out there together, we were the two best of friends sharing the ring and we were just trying to elevate each other as well, performance-wise and whatever we could do in every aspect of life.

“We traveled the roads together and of course when Alexa came on with us, at that time, Murphy and her were dating and so it was just something that resonated with us in real life and that we were able to portray on the screen. And I think a lot of people saw that and when people see that or they see a performance on screen and they know that it’s true and know that it’s something that it’s real to them,” Blake noted, “then I think it resonates with them and leaves a lasting impression.”

While fans continue to hope to see some kind of tag team reunion from Blake with Murphy or Maclin, he said he wouldn’t be opposed to facing off with them either. Blake said they’ve learned a lot from each other and it’d present a fun and interesting challenge, no matter what side of the ring they’d be on.

“Yeah 100%. I would love to work with Murphy or Steve Maclin now, both those guys, they’re both so talented and it’s one of those things where you’ve learned so much from each other and stuff like that, and it would just be great to actually get to wrestle one another in front of people. I think that’s kind of where it makes magic in a sense, when you get to wrestle some of your best friends,” Blake explained, “and sometimes that produces some of the best work you can.

“I would always be up for that if the opportunity comes. And I would even love it if we did a tag as well, either Steve and myself or Buddy and myself. Either way, if the opportunity presents itself, I would jump at it 110%. I would love it,” Blake said. “That would be something that would really be fun and very interesting for me.”

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