Maria Kanellis Calls IMPACT Wedding A ‘Defining Moment’, Inspired By Madison Rayne Producing The Segment

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Maria Kanellis Bennett, who has been part of many memorable matches and segments throughout her career in pro wrestling. Asked if there was one specific match she enjoyed more than others, Maria said it was actually the infamous IMPACT Wrestling wedding between Allie and Braxton Sutter and seeing The Kingdom win gold in New Japan as the two moments that first come to mind.

“I don’t know if there’s a match, but there is the wedding segment in IMPACT that I think is probably the biggest growth of my career because so many people still talk about it. That, and when the boys won the IWGP Tag-Team Titles in New Japan. So, I think those two moments are really, like, at least in my own head, defining moments of my career, and the Evolution match. The match at Evolution and being able to work with such an incredible group of women,” Maria explained, “and my daughter sitting out in the crowd, like aww, so good! Yeah, so, I don’t know if there’s necessarily a match but there’s moments I think are representative of my career as a whole.”

One of, if not the best wrestling weddings ever, Maria talked about everything going in the ring that made it a memorable moment that still resonates.

“Allie, Allysin Kay, I mean—just so subtle with her eye movements. Mike [pretending to be] drunk the whole time, it was just… yeah. Madison [Rayne] produced that, so that’s just another really important thing to me. Witnessing her produce that,” she noted, “it really inspired me just to see a woman in that position. It was just inspiring.”

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Maria Kanellis vs Mickie James

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