Ted DiBiase Jr. Says RAW Battle With Randy Orton Was ‘Theatre’, Proud Of Work With DX And Undertaker

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WrestleZone spoke with Ted DiBiase Jr, who looked back on his WWE tenure and picked matches from his run in Legacy as well as his singles career.

“Oh man, it’s so funny, I’ve never watched myself. I did at first, but I just hated watching my matches, but I remember—I loved wrestling Daniel Bryan, obviously. We had a pay-per-view match [at WWE Elimination Chamber 2011] that was really good,” he explained, “but it was just a lot of fun, man, and the crowd was into it, and it was so easy and was just awesome. I would’ve loved to wrestle him more. 

“And then there was one, I think it was when my dad actually came and was the GM, it wasn’t really a wrestling match, it was a moment I had with Randy Orton. Me and Randy wrestled [on the October 19, 2009 episode of RAW], but I didn’t fight back. They told me not to fight back, and this was a build-up to WrestleMania, and us building that tension of we’re all going to go our separate ways. And that was cool, dude. It was theater. I didn’t fight, it wasn’t this wrestling clinic, it was psychology,” DiBiase explained, “and I remember I just let him push me around and slap me, and I didn’t fight back. And then finally I turn around and I shove him, and I get in his face. And you can—I’m getting chills talking about it, you could feel it—it was just like [the crowd] wanted it. They wanted me to just punch him in the mouth, you know?

DiBiase explained that the reception for the segment was so good that it was going to lead to a run with John Cena on an upcoming European tour. He explained that this was designed to prepare him to get ready for a singles match at WrestleMania with Randy Orton. He noted that changing it to a triple threat was the right call, and it resulted in a magical career moment for him at WrestleMania XXVI.

“It was going to be a singles at first after that night but it changed, and it should have. It shouldn’t have been a singles, it should have been a Triple Threat. But you know, I didn’t play backstage politics, I didn’t have anybody in my corner, and that’s very real. Not that I’m unhappy with how it turned out,” DiBiase explained, “but that match, dude, that was a magical moment, I just miss that.

“And some of my favorite ones were with The Undertaker, but those were not televised, overseas and some of the Triple Threats we had with DX and Taker and these sold-out crowds across Europe. Oh my god, it was just so much fun,” he exclaimed. “We didn’t have a time limit and we’d go out there and just have a blast for 30, 40 minutes, whatever we wanted to do. I wish some of those could have been on TV.”

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