Earl Hebner: My Daughter Is Training With Cody Rhodes, Hopefully She Can Be The Next Gail Kim

Earl Hebner is arguably the most legendary and recognizable referee in the history of professional wrestling, having been around for years and involved in some of the most iconic matches ever. In a recent interview, Hebner spoke about how his family is continuing the legacy of staying in the wrestling business. 

Speaking to Pro Wrestling Junkies in a Q&A session, Hebner spoke about how his brother Dave and son Brian are both involved in the wrestling world, and revealed that his daughter Kate is also training to become a wrestler.

“I wanted my son in the business, I don’t want my daughter in the business [laughs]. She’s at AEW training with Cody and Cody is giving her so much help, it’s unreal. Hopefully, she can be the next Gail Kim,” Hebner said. (Transcription via Fightful’s Jeremy Lambert).

Hebner has most recently appeared as an official in All Elite Wrestling broadcasts, but hasn’t appeared in any matches since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. His son Brian is also still involved in professional wrestling, having most recently refereed the IMPACT World Championship vs. AEW World Championship match between Rich Swann and Kenny Omega at IMPACT Rebellion. 

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