Keep Grinding: Danny Limelight Plans To Make Most Of His Spotlight In AEW & New Japan

Despite the global pandemic, Danny Limelight had a major 2020 and he is on track to make his 2021 even bigger. The Atomic Papi has split his time in between wrestling in AEW, New Japan Pro-Wrestling and UWN Primetime, but the Marine Corps veteran doesn’t plan to take his foot off the gas.

In a special episode of 2 Dynamite Dudes With Attitude, Limelight spoke with Dominic DeAngelo about how his 1o years in the Marines and his upbringing on the mean streets of Brooklyn helped to shape who he is not just physically, but mentally.

“I come from nothing. I was a street rag kid from Brooklyn, New York and it’s nothing against my parents, but my dad was a dope dealer. I say it all the time: I’m proud of it. What he did and how he raised me, made me who I am, it carved who I am,” he explained, “and so coming from nothing and just grinding so hard doing ten years in the Marine Corps and living paycheck to paycheck cause I was dumb with my money and didn’t really save much and coming out, it’ll be two years in October since I got out of the Marine Corps.”

Limelight mentions how from a financial perspective 2020 was the most money he’s ever made and 2021 already beat that mark. He makes a point to say he’s not humble bragging, but aims to utilize it as a motivator and to build a sense of balance. That is something he’s instilled in his daughter as well who at seven years old has been successful in doing acting work in commercials and short films.

“My dad set the bar, I passed it and he’ll say it loud and proud, ‘You accomplished more than I ever will in my life,’ and now my daughter at seven years old she has more money in her bank account than I did after ten years in the Marine Corps. Isn’t that crazy? Seven years old. So by the time she’s my age, hopefully she’s a millionaire, you know what I’m saying? That’s why to me it’s important to talk about financial stuff, talking about grinding it cause I work my ass off. Put my body on the line every week, I got out there and I try to steal the show and a lot of the times I feel like I have the best match on the card,” Limelight explained, “and the money is, yes, it’s the icing on the cake cause I can do what I want for a living, doesn’t feel like a job.”

Limelight will be in action against “All Ego” Ethan Page on the June 15 episode of AEW Dark. Check out the full interview as he also talks about gaining knowledge from the likes of Jerry Lynn and Dean Malenko, plus relates his work as being like a real-life Spider-Man to kids.

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