WWE NXT TakeOver: In Your House Results (6/13/21)

nxt takeover in your houseWWE NXT TakeOver: In Your  House Results

June 13, 2021

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Todd Pettengill welcomes everyone to the show.

Winner Take All Match: Bronson Reed (c) and MSK (c) vs. Legado del Fantasma

Lee and Mendoza trade strikes and pin attempts. Carter tags in as Wilde does the same. Wilde does a slingshot hip toss. Carter rolls Wilde out of the corner and misses a head kick. Carter floors Wilde with a dropkick. Escobar tags in. Cart motions to tag in Reed. Escobar demands Carter stay in the ring. Carter tags in Reed. Escobar tags in Mendoza. Mendoza tries a shoulder block but Reed doesn’t budge. Mendoza tries a clothesline but that doesn’t work either. Mendoza hits the ropes and gets beheaded by a lariat from Reed. Reed sits on Mendoza’s chest. Escobar sneaks in the ring and boots Reed in the gut. Escobar tries to lift Reed but Reed lands on top of him. Reed, Carter, and Lee wok over Wilde. Carter and Lee hold Wilde in the air as Reed hits a running senton. Wilde kicks out. Reed and MSK continue their assault. Carter lands a moonsault to the outside to flatten Escobar. Lee, Wilde both lands dives.

Reed crushes everyone with a suicide dive. Carter gets pulled out of the ring and tosses into the barricade by Wilde and Mendoza. Escobar kicks Lee in the head. Legado del Fantasma works over Lee. Lee manages to tag in Reed, who clears the ring. Reed crushes Wilde and Mendoza in the corner. Reed Samoan drops Mendoza and Wilde at the same time. While the referee is distracted, Mendoza chop blocks Reed. Escobar hits a huge Michinoku Driver on Reed. Carter breaks up the pin. Carter tags in and eats Legado’s finish. Lee breaks up the pin with a springboard senton. Outside the ring, Escobar picks up the North American Championship. Escobar turns around and Reed body blocks Escboar through the barricade, breaking it and Escboar simultaneously. Lee and Carter hit a powerbomb/double stomp combo outside the ring. Lee and Carter hit their finish on Mendoza. Lee tags in Reed who destroys Mendoza with the Tsunami for the win.

Winners- Bronson Reed and MSK


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