Deonna Purrazzo Retains Knockouts Title Against Rosemary; Britt Baker Mentioned During Match

Deonna Purrazzo Rosemary IMPACT Against All Odds

Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Deonna Purrazzo continues to prove to be one of the top female wrestling stars in the business today as the Virtuosa continues her victory run as Knockouts Champion. Purrazzo took on Rosemary at IMPACT Against All Odds on Sunday and the two women had a mixture of a match that featured technical prowess and some hard-hitting action.

Rosemary started off the battle hot with some hair tosses and sling blades. She follows that up with her patented “upside down” tarantula in the corner.

The technique angle came into play when Deonna trapped Rosemary’s arm into a barricade and then began using the art of ring psychology to make it a remaining focus of the fight. Rosemary refuses to relent and gets technical with Purrazzo too as she applies several submissions that includes a modified STF and a vice grip.

Deonna got dirty as she went after the knee brace of Rosemary, but the Decay member fired back with a spear. Deonna however, gets the win with a well-placed piledriver.

Something of note during commentary happened to by Josh Mathews when he took a good moment to talk about Britt Baker becoming the new AEW Women’s Champion and how she and Purrazzo have a competitive relationship with one another.

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