Kay Lee Ray: My Wrestling Career Has Been Like A ‘Pokémon Evolution’

Kay Lee Ray

Image Credit: WWE

Kay Lee Ray is making history in NXT UK. Her reign as NXT UK Women’s Champion has spanned over 650 days. Her upcoming title defense this week against Meiko Satomura has the WWE Universe excited about a potential title change, but if Kay Lee Ray has her way, that title isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Kay Lee Ray, who started her professional wrestling career in 2009, described her journey in the industry to Metro.co.uk as a Pokémon evolution.

“I think I’ve changed a lot since then,” Kay Lee Ray said. “I feel like everybody does. I like to describe it as a Pokemon evolution – you get the start, the middle and then the end, we’ve all got our final character.”

The NXT UK Women’s Champion also revealed that she takes inspiration for her career from various areas of life and art, applying them to her craft as she goes along.

“Just in daily life if those wee things come up I’ll write them down,” Kay Lee Ray explained. “I’ve got a book, so they all go down. Sometimes those ideas might get used, sometimes they don’t. I’m also very big on don’t imitate, innovate. If you get something that you like, don’t just copy it – take it and make it your own, make it something that’s good for you.”

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This week on NXT UK, Kay Lee Ray will defend her championship against pro wrestling legend Meiko Satomura. But the champion doesn’t seem too worried, as she  cited the fact that she’s already beaten Satamura twice:

“Meiko Satomura is one of the best wrestlers – the best wrestler, in my opinion – in the world today, and I’ve beat her twice,” Kay Lee Ray said. “So, I’m gonna go in and I’m gonna beat her a third time.”