CM Punk Recalls ‘Meeting’ Robin Williams: He Ran In And Superfly Snuka Splashed Me While I Was Sleeping

CM Punk

Photo by John Wolfsohn/Getty Images

CM Punk seemingly has a story for everything.

The former WWE Champion appeared on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast and told the hilarious story of meeting legendary comedian and actor Robin Williams for the first time.

“I never ever tell this story. Lars is very good friends with Robin Williams and there was one time, I was sleeping upstairs in Lars’ house. I like to sleep ladies and gentlemen—to this day, if I don’t have to get up and do anything, if I don’t have to set an alarm, because I did a whole lifetime of that—I just sleep until I wake up. And I was doing that at Lars’ [house]. So, I woke up because somebody had jumped on top of me while I was sleeping,” Punk explained, “and as I wake up and turn around…it was f-cking Robin Williams!

“So like, what do you do, right? Like this is the first time I’ve ever met Robin Williams and I think as the story goes, he was downstairs and went ‘oh, the wrestler, he’s sleeping upstairs right now?’ and Lars was like ‘yeah’ and Robin being who Robin is, was like, ‘let’s go Jimmy Superfly Snuka this motherf-cker!’ So he runs up and splashes me in the bed, I wake up and think it’s Lars. I immediately start charging after him and halfway down the stairs I was like, ‘I’m pretty sure that’s Robin Williams, but I don’t give a f-ck, I’m gonna hit this motherf-cker now’ and I half-ass tackle Robin Williams. He’s trying to run out into the street and I just pick him up and I’m airplane spinning Robin Williams,” Punk noted, “and I just like put him down and he’s like ‘I gotta go!’ and he just runs away. I’m just standing there thinking like, ‘that’s damnedest way to wake up’ and I remember going back in the house and I’m like, ‘is that Robin Williams? Yeah, alright…cool, cool.’”

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