EC3 Says Jay Briscoe Is The Main Reason He Went To Ring Of Honor, Proud Of The Story They Told


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WrestleZone recently spoke with EC3, who picked his match with Jay Briscoe at Ring Of Honor’s 19th Anniversary pay-per-view as one that really stands out as a highlight in the last year of his in-ring career.

“One-hundred percent, it would be that one. Because, first off, [Jay] Briscoe is the reason I went to Ring Of Honor. He’s one of the guys that I wanted to work with, they’re a team I have such respect for, but there are no similarities between Jay and I—except that we both love what we do in wrestling and I knew that there was something special there. Especially when we fought,” EC3 said, “I knew that I lost a lot of respect and lost a lot of love for professional wrestling, for obvious reasons, no doubt. To see if I still loved it, to see if I still believed that honor was real, he was the guy.

“So, that match at Ring Of Honor 19th Anniversary, I think it was a strong chapter in what could’ve been an epic feud in Ring Of Honor. But what I loved about it—it would’ve been great with fans—but what I loved about it, I was sick of everything being the same, the same, the same. It was different, told a more methodical story, a more physical story and it was two grown-ass men, trading bombs, seeing who had more at that time and to see if honor was truly real. The moves are really cool in wrestling now but the passion and the physicality and the toll it takes on your body seems to be lost,” he explained. “We put a lot into that and what was great, there was no finisher reversals or 1-2 kick-outs and we did over 20-minutes with falsies. That’s bold to try in this day and age, to be different and have a match that’s more old school with new school elements. So, I was very proud of that one.”

Check out some full-length matches from EC3’s career below; the full match from ROH 19th Anniversary can be watched on HonorClub.

Moose vs EC3

GCW We Run This Town — April 9, 2021

EC3 vs. Jay Briscoe 

ROH 19th Anniversary — March 26, 2021

Black Taurus vs EC3

Independent Wrestling Expo (Night Two) — August 29, 2020

EC3 vs James Storm (Strap Match)

IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary XV — July 2, 2017

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