WWE RAW Results (6/7/21)

WWE RAW ResultsWWE RAW Results

June 7, 2021

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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RAW Tag Team Championship Number One Contender Battle Royal: The New Day vs. Randy Orton and Matt Riddle vs. Mace and T-Bar vs. Lince Dorado vs The Viking Raiders vs. John Morrison

Before the match starts AJ Styles and Omos walk out on the ramp and make fun of every team in the ring. Kofi Kingston says Styles and Omos still aren’t even a real tag team. Kingston and Woods want to see Styles and Omos’ “papers,” Orton tells Styles to shut the hell up. Riddle goes off on a jag. Orton hast to sssh Riddle in the middle of the ring. Orton puts the key in his boot. The Miz’s music hits. Morrison rolls Miz out on the stage. Miz notes that he was tragically injured at WrestleMania Backlash. Morrison is going to compete tonight on behalf of their team. Morrison tells the sound guy to hit his music. Morrison pushes Miz as he goes to pose for his entrance. Morrison chases a terrified Miz down the ramp. Thankfully Morrison stops Miz from crashing. As Woods and Kingston laugh. Orton drops Woods with an RKO. Riddle RKOs Woods. Orton RKOs Dorado.

After the break, Styles and Omos are at the commentary desk. Dorado almost eliminates Morrison but  Morrison’s feet get caught on the bottom rope. Miz hands Morrison the drip stick. Morrison sprays Dorado in the face. Morrison tosses Dorado over the top.

Lince Dorado has been eliminated

Mace and T-Bar chokeslam Morrison out of the ring.

John Morrison has been eliminated

T-Bar and Mace try to chokeslam Orton to of the ring but Riddle makes the save. T-Bar and Mace double chokeslam Riddle. Everyone gangs up on T-Bar and Mace. They are both dumped over by the field.

T-Bar and Mace have been eliminated

Riddle, Orton, New Day, and The Viking Raiders are the only teams left. Woods knees Riddle out of the ring.

Riddle has been eliminated

Erik clothesline Woods over the top.

Xavier Woods has been eliminated

Orton drops Erik with a powerslam. Erik picks up Ivar to slam him onto Orton but Kingston dives off the top and double stomps Ivar into Erik. Riddle hits then ring and eats Trouble in Paradise. Orton dumps Kingston over the top.

Kofi Kingston has been eliminated

Erik and Ivar dump Orton over the top.

Randy Orton has been eliminated

Winners- The Viking Raiders

Backstage, Charlotte Flair finds Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce. Flair says it wasn’t fair that she had to be in a match with Nikki Cross last week. Pearce and Deville both agreed that since Flair agreed to the match the decision is final. Flair goes on a rant about how they are both jealous of her. Flair wants Cross again tonight. Rhea Ripley walks in and says she actually respects Cross, unlike Flair. Ripley wants a rematch with Cross. Deville books Ripley and Flair against Cross and a partner of her choosing.

Backstage, Erik and Ivar celebrate. Ivar says they should go eat. The turkey legs are on him. Styles and Omos walk in Omos has a turkey leg, which seemingly belonged to Ivar. Styles makes fun of Erik and Ivar for being Vikings.

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