Matt Cardona Dresses Up As Jon Moxley, Attacks Nick Gage At GCW Zombie Walk

matt cardona

Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

In recent months, GCW World Champion Nick Gage has brawled with Jon Moxley a few times, leading many fans to believe that the two stars will collide in an actual match at some point soon.

When a hooded figure attacked Gage at Game Changer Wrestling’s Zombie Walk event, it was fair to assume that Moxley was trying to send another message to Gage. Instead, Matt Cardona, formerly known as Zack Ryder in WWE, revealed himself to be the mystery assailant.

Leading up to the event, Gage and Cardona had been engaging in a heated exchange online, as Gage make it clear that he wants to fight Cardona. On the other hand, the self-proclaimed Internet Champion simply invited Cage to appear on his podcast so they could bond over the love of toys. Cage called out Cardona on Saturday at GCW Tournament of Survivall 6, but the challenge went unanswered until the former WWE star’s appearance on Sunday.

But now, it seems like Cardona and Gage could face off in a match sooner rather than later.

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