Nick Aldis Attacks A Referee, Retains NWA World Title Via DQ At NWA When Our Shadows Fall

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Trevor Murdoch tried to pull off a stunning upset at NWA When Our Shadows Fall. He challenged NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis for the title, hoping to end a reign that stood at 959 days when the match started.

Throughout the match, Murdoch showcased his fighting spirit, and he had Aldis on the ropes at a few points. But the champion tipped the scales late in the match with his Strictly Business stablemate Tom Latimer ran to ringside. While the referee was distracted, Aldis hit the official with a chair. He then blasted Murdoch with the chair, but the challenger rallied again by blasting the champion with the weapon.

Murdoch then trapped Aldis in his own signature submission, but the referee called for the bell. The announcer stated that Murdoch had been disqualified, so Aldis retained the title.

After the bout, Murdoch expressed his disappointment in the outcome. He wondered what he has to do to become the world champion and said he doesn’t know what else he has to do. He thanked the fans for their support before he walked away.

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