Shawn Spears Primed For More Opportunities In The Spotlight, Says The Best Is Yet To Come

shawn spears

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Shawn Spears, who was asked to pick a match that best highlights his talents. Spears said he’s shown glimpses of how good he truly is so far but his best match is yet to come, adding there will be plenty more opportunities to show that talent since The Pinnacle is getting more attention.

“I haven’t had it yet. I was trying to think of something, and you saw a glimpse of it in Blood And Guts. I think you’ve seen many more glimpses of it in a lot of the backstage and talking segments that we’ve done on Dynamite,” Spears said, “but it’s yet to happen. There are things down the line that are in the works that I think you’re going to kind of be able to kind of—if you’ve had a bad opinion of me, I really don’t care, but it might turn the corner for you. You might go ‘Oh okay, I didn’t think he was really capable of that kind of stuff.’”

“There’s a lot of things I can do in wrestling. You saw me springboard at Blood And Guts, you saw me do a Spanish Fly off the top rope. It’s just that I’m a big believer and with my style everything I do,” Spears explained, “every move I make is done with a purpose, there’s no wasted movement with how I work—none. And if you go back and watch my matches with me saying that, you’ll see that. Everything is very deliberate, everything is calculated and everything is snappy and it looks very, very good.”

“Having said that, I believe down the line, there’s going to be more opportunities for the spotlight,” Spears said, “especially now, being in The Pinnacle and being featured as much as we are. So, to answer your question, I think that the best is yet to come, actually.”

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