Josh Alexander Retains X-Division Title In Historic Iron Man Contest

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Josh Alexander made IMPACT Wrestling history.

On tonight’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Josh Alexander and TJP wrestled for over an hour for the IMPACT X-Division Championship. The match took place mostly on the Before The Impact series but TJP got a last-second pinfall that forced the match to go into sudden death which took place over the course of the first portion of tonight’s TV show.

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This match was heavily touted as a must-see bout going into it and the locker room was surrounding the ring watching the match unfold, congratulating both men after it was over.

While there have been Iron Man matches featuring names like AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, and others in TNA, there has never been a full 60-Minute Iron Man match.

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