IMPACT Wrestling Results (6/3/21)

IMPACT Wrestling Satoshi Kojima

Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling NJPW’s Satoshi Kojima will show down against Deaner of Violent By Design in what should be a historic night for the promotion.


June 3, 2021, Nashville, TN

Commentary: Josh Mathews & D’Lo Brown

IMPACT stars off hot as the BTI X-Division Title Iron Man Match between TJP and Josh Alexander is still going on. The roster is all at ringside watching on. Alexander is up one fall to TJP’s zero. There’s around seven minutes left when the show starts. Alexander is busted open. The two men go back and forth for over a minute as TJP hits a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Later on, TJP hits a Detonation Kick for another near fall. He follows that up with a Mamba Splash, but yet again Josh gets a shoulder up.

With under two minutes left, TJP has an ankle lock on Josh, but Alexander turns it around on him literally with one of his own.  Alexander has him center ring as we get to 45 seconds left. 30 seconds left.  10. With four seconds left, TJP stands up and arches back to get the last second three count.


Belll rings and the two men throw haymakers at one another. TJP misses a standing phoenix splash. Alexander ascends and nails a moonsault. 1-2-kickout.

Powerbomb on the knee and TJP kicks out. Alexander soon connects with his finisher to finally secure the 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL X-Division Champion: Josh Alexander

Camera man catches The Good Brothers and Don Callis talking backstage before getting cut off for commercial.

Back from it, ALexander is battered but talks about the toughness of an Iron Man match. Eddie Edwards comes to congratulate him. TJP comes in and thanks him too. Scott D’Amore comes in to do the same for both men. He’s proud to have them both on the roster. Alexander notes he’s the king of the mountain since he’s the only IMPACT wrestler with a singles title right now. In comes Chris Bey. Petey Williams mentions that he’s the one Alexander okay’ed, but then Ace Austin slides in. So does Trey Miguel. Everyone’s arguing.


Tables Match

Rohit Raju vs. Jake Something

The two men duke it out and it leads to some action on the apron before we head to break.

Back from the break. Rohit, is getting beat up on the table before the two fight against the barricade. Rohit gets Something off his feet and brings in two chairs. Something bats those chairs down as he double axe handles Raju down after some offense. Something hits a Brodie Lee lariat. Spear in the corner. He goes for a bossman slam, but Rohit evades and double stomps the back of Jake. Rohit goes low with the chair before smacking Something hard across the back. Rohit flatlines Jake while he has his arm flush against the chair. Raju and Jake continue to battle it out as Rohit smacks Jake with a chair to the back. He spins around Something with a crossface. Several running attacks in the corner before he stomps a mudhole into Jake with the chair on top of him. Corner cannonball. Rohit goes to the outside and folds up the table. Hammer club by Jake. He throws Raju back in the ring and slides in the table. Soon, Raju drop toe holds Something through two chairs. Rohit hits a running knee on Jake as the table is leaned in the corner. Something finds some momentum when nailing Raju with an arm. The two men battle on the apron as Something goes for a clothesline. DDT on the apron by Raju. Something is laid out on the outside on a tbale, but rolls off to stop Raju’s top rope progress. SOmething has Raju in a superplex, but he slides through. He kicks Something down. He then top rope stomps Something through the two standing chairs!

Rohit run attacks Jake who is leaned up against the table, but Jake catches him with a Blackhole Slam. He picks up Raju and hits a second BHS. Rohit is down but grabs a chair. He throws it at Jake, Jake ducks and spears him through the table. Match over.

WINNER: Jake Something

Backstage, W. Morrissey approaches Scott D’Amore demanding a match against Rich Swann tonight. Scott says Swann actually did the same and it’s going down. He like’s W.’s moxy. “You can’t teach that.”

Rosemary says at Against All Odds, she and Havok are going to take the Knockouts Title back to the darkness where it belongs. Havok makes clear that she has her sights on the Knockouts Title. Rosemary challenges her. She will take that from Rosemary.


Rich Swann vs. W. Morrissey

Before the match even begins, WM attacks Rich from behind as he’s not even in the ring yet. He tosses Rich in the ring, but Rich catches him with an enziguri, but it barely phases W. He claws his face and out comes security. They all try to talk Morrissey down. Willie Mack comes out with a chair and nails Morrissey with it. That doesn’t do anything He slowly leaves the ring.


Rachael Ellering is warming up backstage and TEnille and Kaleb come up to praise her. They pitch an alliance with her, but in comes Jordynne Grace. They’re ready for their match as Tenille wishes them luck.

Brian Myers is assessing protege Sam Beale’s look. He isn’t a major fan, but gives him a Myers shirt to wear (before plugging it). He then critiques Beale’s entrance. Very critical. He then hits a boombox and does his own entrance. Beale asks why he’s wearing a mask (Myers has had both shots).

Gia Miller notes that Havok will take on Rosemary for the number one contendership next week. If Havok wins, the match at Against All Odds will become a triple threat. Purrazzo takes exception because she already defeated both. The odds will forever be in the Virtuosa’s favor.


Knockouts Tag Team Championship

Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering vs. Fire n Flava

Steelz and Grace battle it out.  Ellering soon gets a tag and Tasha Steelz is on the major defense. Ellering goes for an electric chair drop, but Tasha pulls the headband of Ellering, sending her down hard on the mat. Kiera Hogan soon chokes Elrring over the second rope. Ellering is isolated as Hogan cannonballs herself into Rachael before giving her the boots. Ellering catches Kiera with a whiplash and tags in Jordynne. Gutwrench powerbomb for a two count to Kiera.

Attacks in the corner by Jordynne as Rachael makes the tag. Leg drop by Ellering gets a near win but Steelz makes the tag. Steelz nails Ellering and throws Kiera on top of her. Still, Rachael kicks out. FnF hit a double team for another near fall, but Grace is the one to make the save. Grace and Ellering it a muscle buster sit-out powerbomb on Steelz, but they only get a two count. Steelz hits a crucifix bomb on Grace for a near fall of her own. Rachael catches Steelz on the outside, but she gets downed by at DDT.

Soon, Kiera gets Grace in a guillotine and Steelz comes off with a splash. 1-2-3.

WINNER and STILL Knockout Tag Team Champions: Fire n Flava

Sami Callihan isn’t afraid of Moose. In comes Don Callis. He’s pulling for him. He’s very manipulative. How many times have Sami been the bridesmaid and not the bride? He calls Callihan a journeyman. Sami tells him to “get” and reiterates that tonight he beats Moose’s ass.

Scott D’Amore notifies Fire n Flava that they’ll be facing Susan and Kimber Lee at Against All Odds.


Deaner vs. Satoshi Kojima

The two men lock up. Deaner goes on the attack. Kojima can’t be knocked down, but Deaner can with a massive shoulder block. Deaner eye rakes Kojima in the corner and goes back on the attack. Knee drop to Kojima’s face.

Kojima soon fires back with some rapid chops that makes Deaner’s chest beet red. He’s down and Kojima hits a heavy elbow from up top. Two count.  Hard elbows by Kojima, but gets caught with a neckbreaker. Pin attempt, but a kick out by Satoshi. Kojima nails a brainbuster for a two count. Rhino gets on the apron and so does Doering,Deaner holds Kojima for Doering, but Eddie comes out. Kojima hits a Koji-cutter and follows up with his powerful lariat for the victory.

WINNER: Satoshi Kojima

Moose hopes tonight’s match is a warm-up against Sami Callihan. Don Callis comes in to butter up Moose just like he did Sami earlier.

Backstage, Decay challenges VBD for the Tag Team Titles at Against All Odds. Eric Young accepts and Crazzy Steve gives off a maniacal laugh.


Moose vs. Sami Callihan

Sami dive attacks Moose on the outside.  Moose goes to powerbomb Sami through the floor but can’t do it. Instead, he eventually powerbombs Sami on the apron. Moose presses his boot on Sami’s skull before kicking him right in the mush. Sami is out as the ref counts but Moose throws him into the ring post on the opposite side. Moose goes to cannonball Sami at the barricades but, Sami rolls away and Moose suffers the pain. Sami breaks the count at eight. Sami has Moose’s arm in a hold as we go to break.

Moose goes for a uranage but Sami counters it in the ring. Sami catches Moose up top for a DVD. He only gets a two count.  Sami goes to bomb Moose, but Moose crashes Callihan in the corner.

Moose soon goes for a superplex, but Sami goes after Moose’s favored arm. It takes Moose off the top but the big man leaps up for a superplex. Sami’s drooling like wild. He covers for a near fall. Sami catches Moose with a boot. Moose however hits a “Go To Hell” bomb for a very near fall. Moose gets caught in the corner ramming his arm. Big piledriver by Sami gets a very near fall. Sami yell’s that it’s over and picks Moose up. The Good Brothers come from behind and attacks Sami. Bell rings as a Magic Killer gets executed. They gang up on Moose as Kenny Omega and Don Callis come out to admire and administer more pain. Moose gets stomped on as Kenny’s music plays.

Scott D’Amore approaches Callis and the crew backstage. Now, Sami Callihan just beat Moose. Maybe it should be a three-way: Sami Callihan vs. Moose vs. Kenny Omega. Callis notes that Tony Khan has Sami on his blacklist. D’Amore hit Tony Khan up and he’s going to be at IMPACT next week.