Ring Of Honor Results (5/31/21): The Foundation vs. Violence Unlimited

A video recaps how Silas Young cost Josh Woods his match against Dalton Castle at ROH 19th Anniversary and how Young cheat to beat Woods a few weeks ago. In a backstage interview after the match, Woods confronts Young and Young challenges him to a Pure Rules Match to prove that he can beat him fair and square. That bout will air next weekend.

Another video hypes up the return of the Survival of the Fittest tournament, which will begin next weekend with Rey Horus vs. Flamita.

In a pre-match promo, Violence Unlimited discusses their match with The Foundation. Chris Dickinson asks Homicide to tell them all about street fighting. He says The Foundation is a joke, and it’s going down. Tony Deppen tells The Foundation to get ready for some real violence.

Meanwhile, Jay Lethal says it was only a matter of time before this match happened. Lethal states that The Foundation has been rebuilding this company and wonders why Deppen turned his back on pure wrestling. “The Franchise” says this match is a true wrestling bout, so he doubts that Violence Unlimited can hang with the best wrestlers in the world.

Violence Unlimited (Brody King, Homicide, Chris Dickinson and Tony Deppen) vs. The Foundation (Rhett Titus, Tracy Williams, Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal)

Kenny King of La Faccion Ingobernable joins commentary for this match. LFI had been suspended for the month of May due to their previous actions.

The two teams shake hands at the beginning of the match. King doesn’t let go of Lethal’s hand, and the two factions start yelling at each other. Deppen and Tracy Williams begin the match, and “Hot Sauce” blasts the ROH World Television Champion with several strikes. Homicide tags in and tells Lethal to enter the bout. The former rivals square off briefly before Dickinson tags in.

The two men exchange technical holds, but Dickinson drops Lethal with a cheap shot. He disrespectfully shoves the former world champion and laughs when Lethal chops him. Dickinson dodges Lethal’s springboard dropkick and demonstrates his quickness. Another cheap shot leads to a tense standoff between both groups.

Homicide tags in and squares off against Jonathan Gresham. Homicide trash-talks Lethal and gets in the champion’s head. The ROH Pure Champion showcases his technical skills and mocks Homicide with some taunts. Homicide gains the upper hand and wrenches Gresham’s hand. Titus and Gresham double-team Homicide, and The Foundation collectively isolates him.

Homicide rakes Gresham’s eyes to gain some breathing room. He tags King, and the big man clears house. Deppen enters the match and slams Gresham to the mat. Violence Unlimited gangs up on “The Octopus”, but Gresham eventually rallies with a suplex.

Titus and King tag in, and Titus fends off Dickinson and Deppen with impressive suplexes. He drills King with two big boots and a diving knee for a two count.

The match breaks down into a chaotic brawl, and King pins Lethal with the Gonzo Bomb.

Winner: Violence Unlimited 

The winning stable poses over Lethal’s body after the match.