Tony Schiavone Supports ‘One-Take’ Tony Khan’s Promo Ability, AEW President Thanks Fans Post-Dynamite

Tony Khan Forbidden Door

Image Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Tony Schiavone Supports ‘One-Take’ Tony Khan’s Promo Ability

Tony Khan made wrestling waves earlier in the evening when he called out WWE and Nick Khan in a pre-Dynamite video and the AEW President did it in one take. Khan’s call-out was directly in reference to the reports of WWE working with New Japan Pro-Wrestling on a U.S. exclusive basis. Tony went all in on his promo and someone who had an upfront seat was Tony Schiavone. Khan’s “Khan Man” promo undoubtedly carried plenty of buzz on social media and while those embers still burn this morning, Schiavone took a moment to Tweet about the other Tony’s ability behind the stick.

“If anyone watches this video and still claims that Tony Khan can’t do promos, then you know that that person is full of shit. (That was one take btw!)” Schiavone Tweeted.

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AEW President Thanks Fans Post-Dynamite

The wrestlers weren’t the only people on AEW Dynamite happy to have fans back, but Tony Khan came out to show his appreciation for everyone in attendance. After Dynamite defused, the AEW President came out on the entryway to thank the live crowd on tap and expressed his excitement for not only having people back, but what is sure to come on Sunday at Double Or Nothing.

“Having you back was so huge that I can’t wait to see this place packed on Sunday,” Tony told the crowd as he hyped Sunday’s show. “You are the greatest fans in the world. I cannot wait to see you all on Sunday. Thank you so much!”