WWE Releases Josiah Williams Among Many Other Departures

Josiah Williams in WWE

Image Credit: WWE

Near the end of a week full of departures from WWE, Josiah Williams’ name has been added to the list.

In a Tweet, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reported the news that Williams, the mind behind “Wrestle & Flow,” had been let go.

“Fightful has learned that unfortunately Josiah Williams was a part of the WWE cuts this week,” Ross Sapp wrote. “He’s appeared on various digital properties and did the theme music for Cameron Grimes.”

Ross Sapp’s report also notes that Williams was well-liked by many of the people he worked with. Among other contributions, Williams’ voice is in Cameron Grimes’ new theme song.

Though Williams had been released in April 2020 during that memorable wave of cuts, he worked his way back to WWE. Earlier this year, he had a prominent part in the opening video for NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day.

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Among other memorable appearances, Williams rapped Adam Cole to the ring at NXT TakeOver: XXV.