Shawn Spears: The Pinnacle Is Showing Layers To Their Characters, You’re Just Seeing The Tip Of The Iceberg

Shawn Spears says The Pinnacle’s evolution is just getting started.

Shawn Spears spoke with WrestleZone ahead of Sunday’s AEW Double Or Nothing pay-per-view, where the Pinnacle took on the Inner Circle in the second-ever Stadium Stampede match. Spears has enjoyed an impressive run in the past year, remaining unbeaten in singles action while also reinventing himself with The Pinnacle, a group that is just getting off of the ground. Asked how he can continue to evolve himself, as well as the group, Spears pointed out that the key was in the question asked of him, and that this was just one layer of what they could do together.

“Like you said, The Pinnacle got off the ground together. So, there’s a layer for all of us that are in that faction. For me personally, over the course of these two years now in AEW, you’ve seen me grow from cracking Cody over the head with a chair, then being paired with Tully, then we did the ‘Search For Spears’ then we did the news network then I put on the glove and now I’m with The Pinnacle. People will say that’s gimmick change number four, that’s gimmick change number five, but I don’t believe a gimmick really, truly exists anymore,” Spears said. “Unless it’s a full-on [spectacle], ‘I’m wearing a duck costume and I’m flapping my arms,’ OK that’s a little bit of a gimmick—but nowadays we got to open our eyes that there are layers to a character, there are layers to each person’s personality. So, everything that I’ve shown in the past two years in AEW have been layers to Shawn Spears. It’s still the same guy.”

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Spears pointed to Chris Jericho as a good example of a guy that continues to evolve, noting that all of his updates are just layers to a character too. He says FTR is no different, as now they are a little more sophisticated and not just the best tag team in the world, and the same goes for everyone in The Pinnacle since they’ve joined AEW.

“Same thing with MJF, he’s always had the mouth but now he can back it up when it’s time to throw hands and now he has four or five guys to back him up when the time comes, that’s a different layer. Same thing with Wardlow, you never heard him speak until now, it’s a different layer, he’s still the War-dog, ya know what I mean? It’s given me the same opportunity to show a different side of my personality, whether I want to be a little more aggressive, a little more wide-eyed and looney,” Spears explained. “I can do whatever I want, because in the world of entertainment, I can show different sides of my personality.”

“So, I think you’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg with The Pinnacle. But what you won’t see is a lot of comedy, what you won’t see is us taking things lightly or taking ourselves too lightly. We take ourselves very seriously, we take this industry very seriously and if you ask any one of the guys that are in The Pinnacle, we have been waiting patiently, too long,” Spears exclaimed, “and quite frankly we’ve been a little too nice in that wait and our time’s now.”

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