Rey Mysterio: Dominik Is ‘On The Path’ To Earning The Mask, I’ll Train Aalyah If She Wants To Wrestle

The Mysterio Family WWE

Image Credit: WWE

In 2020, the core of Rey Mysterio’s family appeared on WWE programming at one point or another. From his wife Angie to his daughter Aalyah, and of course, his son Dominik, the Mysterios collectively became prominent players on RAW and SmackDown last year.

Though Angie’s and Aalyah’s involvement turned out to be temporary, Rey and Dominik have reached new heights together. The duo recently became the first father-son pairing to win tag team gold in WWE history. For Dominik, this triumph was the next step up in his WWE journey, less than a year after his in-ring debut at SummerSlam. With the young Mysterio continuing to impress, many fans have wondered whether Dominik could wear a mask like his father at some point.

In a recent interview with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT, Rey responded to this possibility. The former World Heavyweight Champion explained that while Dominik must earn this right, he expressed his belief that his son is on the path toward doing so.

“Yes, I definitely think he has to earn it,” said Rey. “And he’s already gotten a bunch of points from me. I remember the first day I was given, or I had earned the name Rey Mysterio Jr was from my uncle.

“I did about three years wrestling as the Hummingbird thinking I would never become Rey Mysterio and then one day my uncle just surprised me and presented me with the mask.

“From that moment on, I carried on with the Rey Mysterio legacy. I believe Dominik is on the path to earning the name and earning the mask, which comes with the name.”

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As for Aalyah, Rey reflected on her run in WWE by saying that she had a good time, but he doesn’t know whether she’ll follow in his footsteps. The legendary luchador emphasized Aalyah’s continuing education and made it clear that he would support his daughter if she ventured into the world of wrestling.

“She hasn’t asked the question, but it’s funny you asked me that because my wife, she asked me a couple of days ago, she goes: “what would you say if your daughter came at you and said, ‘Dad, I want to become a wrestler?’” said Rey. “I said, ‘I would be the first one to train her, just like I did with Dom!’ She said, ‘No you wouldn’t’ [laughs]. I would! I would back her up 100 percent.

“She would still have to continue with her school because she wants to be a part of the medical field so she’s working really hard at that right now,” said Rey. “But it would be a different experience, but I would be supportive 1000 percent. Maybe she already asked mum and she’s testing it with me, right?”

Only time will tell whether Aalyah indeed attempts to build a career as a wrestler. If she does, she’ll clearly have the personal backing of one of the greatest stars of all time.