Nick Gage Wants To Fight Matt Cardona, Who Only Wants To Work With Him As A Podcast Guest

nick gage

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Infamous deathmatch wrestler Nick Gage has a bone to pick with the internet’s favorite wrestling action figure collector, Matt Cardona.

Publicly, the conflict started when Cardona acknowlged about how fans have been lobbying for a match between the former Internet Champion and Gage. Cardona joked about he and Gage are the Major Detolf Kollectors, a rip off of Gage’s “Murder Death Kill” gang.

In response, Gage tweeted that he’d have no problem fighting Cardona.

After Cardona responded that he doesn’t have an issue with Gage, the GCW star made it clear that he doesn’t just want to face Cardona in a match; he wants to hurt the former WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Cardona then tried to descalate the situation by saying that he has “no reason” to fight Gage and inviting the GCW World Champion to appear on his podcast.

If that wasn’t enough, Cardona offered a gesture of friendship with a picture of an “MDK (Major Detolf Kollectors)” shirt and an invitation to personally send him one.

This development seemed to solidify Gage’s pro-fighting stance, as he invited Cardona to give him the shirt in person. He named Atlantic City, New Jersey as the place and June 5 as the date. Game Changer Wrestling has an event, “ToS 666” that very day at Showboat Atlantic City.

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